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Questions from grace60

Why Do So Many Docs Raise Eyebrows to Levels Reminiscent of 50's Holywood?

I have lateral hooding of the eyelid and have been reviewing many before and after browlift photos. It amazes me that so many results look unnaturallly high with many of them... READ MORE

Difference in Results/longevity Between SMAS Lift Done Under Oral Sedation and Deep Plane Performed Under IV Sedation?

Assume the same patient consults with two highly qualified, board certified, face-only surgeons. One does 100+ procedures per/yr using a short scar, SMAS face/neck lift under... READ MORE

Deep Plane Vs Short Scar SMAS?

Assuming the two best qualified facial surgeon with 150+ facelifts per yr with one using deep plane technique under IV sedation and the other using the SMAS mini lift under... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Temporal or Lateral Browlift Incisions?

Where exactly are the incisions for a temporal or lateral browlift placed? Is it usually accomplished with an endoscope or is there an effective, less invasion option that... READ MORE

Not Sure How Patients Can Find the Right Surgeon for Their Needs.

Many answers here have emphasized that facelift techniques (such as deep plane) are technically challanging and that the more experience a surgeon has the better the result... READ MORE

SMAS Very Effective/somewhat Effective/mostly Ineffective for Cheek Rejuvination?

One of the Manhattan surgeon contributors to this site said that "The SMAS lift helps the upper cheek area more than anything else." I thought that one of the limitations of... READ MORE

Eyelid Skin Excision or Lateral Brow Lift? No Hooding Problem Except in Very Outward Margin of Each Eyelid.

Lateral eyelid laxity with hooding most prominent at very end of eyelid with almost vertical fold in area just beyond eye folding onto eyelid corner. Previous eyelift from... READ MORE

If Facelift Results Are the Same Why Would I Invest More Recovery Time and Money?

If a lateral SMASectomy with platysmaplasty can be performed under oral/local in about 2 hours with much shorter recovery AND the same long lasting results why would anyone... READ MORE

Is Buccal Fat Bulge, Visible in Videos/under Animation, After a SMAS a Common Issue and Can It Be Predicted in Advance?

I have noticed on patient video testimonials an almond shaped fat pouch on the side of the mouth during speaking although it is NOT visible on their patient photos. I think... READ MORE

I'd Like to Avoid Jane Fonda and Susan Luci Animated Almond Shaped Mouth Pouches; Can You Help Me?

Jane Fonda (google Diane Rehm interview) and Susan Luci both have had facelifts and both NOW have moving pouches lateral to their mouths. These pouches DO NOT show up at rest,... READ MORE

For optimum contouring should I have fat grafting during facelift or later?

Cost and downtime are NOT the biggest consideration for me; results are. Since I was told that fat cannot be grafted in areas where skin is undermined is it preferable to wait... READ MORE

Do facelift or eye lift patients sedated only with oral medication and local anesthetic EVER feel pain during the surgery?

Are patients who are sedated As Described Above unable to feel any PAIN during the procedure and what if, after chosing this method of anesthesia, the patient is not tolerating... READ MORE

Post op numbness following facelift or brow surgery?

What percent of YOUR patients report total restoration of skin sensation so that the face feels EXACTLY as it did prior to their facelift or scalp feels EXACTLY as it did prior... READ MORE

What is the sequence of procedures when facelift, lower bleph and fat transfer are scheduled in one surgical event?

Is there a USUAL or Customary sequence to these procedures that applies MOST of the time. In your practice have you developed a "standard" approach to the sequence of these... READ MORE

SMAS imbrication vs SMAS plication

Many of the docs at RS have said that facelifts using SMAS plication do not involve true mobilization. Does this mean that if my surgeon is cutting an elliptical section out of... READ MORE

Why not wait to see the effect of face lift improvement AND to wait for access to lateral area of face Before fat transfer?

The results I see these days is that patients post op face lift with fat transfer have over projection of the front areas of the cheeks which is not the balanced fullness of... READ MORE

Is it "rude" or inappropriate for me to ask during a consult how many deep plane facelifts the PS does?

Docs say that a patient's face must be carefully evaluated and matched to the "right" surgical technique. IF the PS exclusively does some variation of SMAS lifts should I think... READ MORE

Shouldn't before and after pictures illustrate the full range of a surgeon's results?

How often do you show patients examples of the least impressive results you have achieved? Patient confidentiality is rather easy to maintain with cropped shots of a neck or... READ MORE

During a consult I see many excellent results. Never really bad ones. Cropped photos could be used. Do you show the bad results?

Sorry to repeat this line of questioning ~but no one answered it the last time...Some patients of highly trained and certified surgeons have very aesthetically disappointing... READ MORE

What type of sutures do you use for a platysmaplasty? Permanent/dissolving? Mono/braided? Any specific reason for your choices?

My question is about the suture material used when doing a platsymaplasty; are there any reasons to be concerned with the use of permanent, monofilament being used by a double... READ MORE

I don't expect that you can create perfect symmetry in eyes. Why create this asymmetry?

Frequently I see incision lines that are quite different on a patient's left and right eye; the incisions are NOT at the same height NOR along the same trajectory/curvature.... READ MORE

Should I try to find an Ambidextrous surgeon to do my eyes?

I very often see eye lift Review photos from patient's whose eye incisions are very different between their L and R eyes. AND I can accurately predict from seeing the... READ MORE

What happens to marionette lines if fillers are not maintained?

If a doctor recommends adding fillers in marionette lines/in sulcus during a face lift does that mean that he knows he can't get excellent improvement through surgery alone? Or... READ MORE

Why do some docs seem to have great RS reviews from facial fat transfer post ops while others don't.

Fat transfer to mid face and cheek hollows should be the holy grail for volume loss yet many post ops report contour irregularities. For the doctors who consistently avoid this... READ MORE

How can I be sure the Fat Transfer that reabsorbs will do so in an even and symmetrical way?

I thought that fat transfer would be an alternative to fillers but if some percentage of the Fat gets reabsorbed won't I probably always need fillers to even things out ~ OR... READ MORE

Why not wait until after a face/neck lifting procedure to get fillers?

I see a lot of fillers being placed at the same time as a face lift. Why isn't it more prudent to do the lift and then see IF and Where filler would complete the optimum look?... READ MORE

What makes a lip lift result in a liftedand fuller-appearing lip?

What technique is used in lip lifting that not only shortens the distance but rolls the upper lip outward to make it appear larger. I have seen results where the lip itself... READ MORE

Can a deep plane face lift (SMAS) be performed using only oral (valium or equivalent) meds and local injections?

Can the composite/deep plane lift (technique of working beneath the SMAS layer and moving skin and SMAS as single unit) be done using only an orally administered sedative and... READ MORE

Recent comments from grace60

Was wondering how the diagnosis of brow ptosis is made. Most fashion models seem to have brows that are low (by many PS standards) and as long as they don't have overhanging fat/skin, of course, the eye looks very nice. So low brows,... READ COMMENT

Your doctor is listed as being in Baltimore (in the PS review box) and also being in Columbia, MD in the Physician section of RS. Neither of these places are anywhere near West Virginia. Where does he actually have a practice? READ COMMENT

Your upper eyes look as thought they have been lifted quite a bit. Was the "before" pic you posted prior to the first surgery? If it was after the first face lift, did Dr Luethke also do an eye lift? READ COMMENT

Your upper eyes are really great....not high in the middle, trailing off on a downward slope toward the outer lid. That part of the result I have admired since I first looked at your review. But the lowers (the lids rim) is also nearly... READ COMMENT

Wishing you the best tomorrow. You're in good hands and having your own home as the "cocoon" you'll emerge from you're going to be a lovely butterfly. Be well, grace READ COMMENT