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Bangkok Breast Aug with Possible Lift -Bangkok

Hi ladies, gotta say I have found this site the most helpful out of the lot. So I thought I'd share my experience in e hopes of helping someone out the where are you? You have all helped me. I'm 31 mother on 2 and after the birth of my baby I swore I would get my always smaller "pointier" boobs fixed once I was at a happy weight. Well I'm 162cm tall and weigh 64 kilos ideally I would like... READ MORE

Snoopy Breast? Augmentation Only? Or Donut Lift? - North Sydney, AU

I had an initial consultation via email. After sending in photos I am worried now I may need a Aereola lift. I scar quite badly and am terrified. I have lost a bit of weight and I also breasted 2 children. I'm a small c cup and would like to end up with a full C cup, considering Silicone textured, under the muscle with a bra line insertion. Do you think I really to need a lift for... READ MORE

Questions from VivaE

Snoopy Breast? Donut Lift? Augmentation? (photo)

Hello, after having 2 children and loosing the baby weight I have decided to get my breast back to their former if not better selves. I have sent away initial email queries for... READ MORE

Day 5 Donut Bennelli Lift with Implants? (photo)

Please help. I had round block sutures donut lift with hi profile 300cc under the muscle textured silicone. I feel sick looking at myself after my first shower. I feel... READ MORE

Slow Recovery from Breast Lift and Augmentation?

Hi, 10 days ago I had 300cc silicone textured implants placed Under the Muscle along with a donut lift. So my scars are around my areola. I have read on all the responses on... READ MORE

Donut Lift/aug Seroma? (photo)

I'm 18dys post Op. day 12 I noticed a small amount of greenish discharge on my gauze pad. My PS is overseas. I emailed him and he said to get on antibiotics. My doc here put me... READ MORE

Wound Not Healing 12wks Post Op? (photo)

I had breast aug on 4th of April areola incision, my left breast has an area that won't heal. I've been on antibiotics (amoxycillin & clavulanic) on and off since April and... READ MORE

Chronic wound why won't it heal nearly 7 months post breast lift?

Please give me some helpful advice. My ps is at a loss. So I'm waiting to get a second opinion. I had a breast lift in early April my right breast healed no worries my left... READ MORE

Is my scarring 8 months post BA and Donut lift normal? How can I get it fixed? (photo)

Hello, Please help, im 8mths post op, I'm just wondering if perhaps my body reacted to the vicryl or monocryl sutures material and that's why I'm left with these extensive... READ MORE

I had a very slow scar healing recovery. What if anything I can do to improve the look of my scars? (photos)

I am 52 weeks post op. A 'donut lift' was done to my breasts at the same time as 300cc implants. I pushed for a donut lift in hindsight and looking at my terrible scars an... READ MORE

Does textured sub muscle breast implants cause seroma mastopexy breakdown? What's the best course of action?

I had donut lift, high profile textured, 300cc under pec mentor implants put in 4/4/2013. I had initial wound healing problems with seroma which took 9mths to settle. Then I... READ MORE

Post surgery issues. Revision. Thoughts on course of action to achieve best athsetically looking natural result? (Photo)

I had breast aug in April 2013. 300cc sub musc textured mentor implants along with a Donut lift. I had wound healing issues and scarred very badly. Possibly too much tension on... READ MORE

Discussions started by VivaE

Am I normal? 2 wks post lift and aug please help.

Hi all I had 300cc textured under muscle high profile mentor implant along with a periaola lift. I am still in discomfort (slouching posture) neck hurts. Feels like I have... READ MORE

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Hi, it's been a rollercoaster 18months, delayed wound healing, lumps and bumps. In the end I developed a large seroma lump 18mobtgs post breast aug that needed to be aspirated but in doing so my skin deteriorated and ended up with me in... READ COMMENT

Hello ladies, I had my BA and periareola lift 24hrs ago. 300cc mentor textured hi profile under the muscle with a donut lift. The first 12hrs was a blur of pain and consciousness. I am in my hotel now and still in a lot of pain.... READ COMMENT

Ooh not to long to go for you!! All the best to you too @luvmyhuskies READ COMMENT

Thank you. I'm just scared of the scarring. Goodluck! READ COMMENT

Thank you, was your scarring bad and what kind of lift? READ COMMENT