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Questions from Amoon

Combining BBL and Breast Lift Reduction Surgeries?

I counseld almost 10 doctors , 9 of them were okay to do them both together , 4 of them are american board certified plastic surgeons while the one that refused is also... READ MORE

Breast Lifting + Reduction and Future Breastfeeding?

Iam 23 yrs old girl ,never been married or Pregnant,due to healthy 10 kg loss boobs have became saggy and unattractive without a bra !!i havei counseled 7 doctors for breast... READ MORE

How Long Should BBL Last?

Is this question that defines doctors experties and qualification in this surgery , if he promised of longer lastig or short lasting , iam confused that asked many doctors and... READ MORE

Treat Stretch Marks on my Breasts Before Breast Lifting and Reduction or After?

Knowing thah they are on the upper part of my boobs and will be shown whatsoever skin cutting will happen READ MORE

Botox for Bruxisim? Any Recommendation or Experinece in the Field?

Hello i have spontaneous strong bruxisim that have destroyed my large teeth , my dentist recomended i wear gotier protective to my teeth during my sleep !! Forever !! Ofcourse... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Ask Two Surgeons to Work on You for Two Different Surgeries at the Same Day in OR?

I cant find a surgeon who is good at both and when i find such a doctor He is beyond my lead unaffordable !! Is it okay to ask two surgeons to work together at the same day :... READ MORE

How is It Possible to Do Scarless Lifting?

I canot imagine how is it possible to do scarless lifting? If great amount of fat has been sucked out the space created inside will disappear? The skin is just like balloon... READ MORE

Whats the Best Least Invasive Surgery for Hair Transplantation?

I have very long forehead and used to pull my hair up very strongly so my hair on my forehead has fallen and never grew again and it shows like small triangle and very obvious... READ MORE

Is Calf Reduction Possible?

I have large calfs i can barely find boots that can zip on them and when wearing jeans i hate how they look like and feels very huge ...they arenot all saggy and do have fat... READ MORE

Least BMI or Fat Percent Before BBL?

Iam on weightloss plan and still have 10 kg (30% fat) to reach my perfect weight(25% fat ) , iam scared to reach a stage where doctor will tell me gain weight knowing iam... READ MORE

Why not do Breast Lifting scar in between breasts?

Instead of cuting niple or +/- below breasts why not do it from side that way it never damages breast tissuee ...woudlnot it be less invasive or less scars and will be hidden... READ MORE

Scarless Semi-elastic Lifting by Internal Suture?

I read about internal suture done for lifting face or boobs with least sagging to be least scarring only for small dots like liposuction, can it be applied for rest of the... READ MORE

Eyelash Transplant Vs Latisse?

Iam very blonde that my eyeslashes barely seen even with maskara , very thin and very short ...i used to put fake eyelashes that worsen the case...more eyeslashes has fallen... READ MORE

Can Hair Transplant Make my Hair Look Thicker Knowing Iam Very White Skin and Very Blonde?

White tuned skin , very blonde plus Low lights , whtever hard i tried minoxidil and im injections daily for 4 months : bepanthene and biotine , hair loss stopped starting from... READ MORE

Outpatient Surgery Done by ABSP Vs Inpatient Done by Non ABPS?

Iam still in consultation stage ...outpatient surgery in clinic was such frightening thought to me until i met an american board certified plastic surgeon and his fees as... READ MORE

Which to Do First Vaser Lipo for my Body or Breast Lifting?

Hello doctors , thank you for ur time ...iam planing to do vaser lipo for my body : back . Thighs in all sides , calfs , abdomin and have some fat injected in other areas like... READ MORE

Story Behind Stem Cells? Real or Fiction?

I read from highly respected doctors about use of stem cells from fat sucked by lipo used for stretch marks and surgical scars true is it , how much applicable ? Is... READ MORE

Fat in Private Area Would Prevent Reaching Orgasm?

I was shocked to hear that from my plastic surgeon , i looked it up cant find anyhing ... How true is that , is it risky to do lipo in my private area , i did lipo for my waist... READ MORE

Choosing Best Sequence for Surgeries?

Iam planning to do breast lifting (+ reduction ) and lipo for my whole body convinced me to do them separate ...i did total lipo 3 years ago and it was horrible... READ MORE

Stemoxydene? New Hairloss Product?

Last derma dr i have seen asked me to keep using minoxidil for i have very thin hair , a new product hit the market it contains stemoxydel ...i cant find any scientific article... READ MORE

Is Lazer Only Treatment for Fungal Toenail?

I think i hit my toenail long time ago when it healed and blood ws gone it never grew smooth as the others , it gained a partial yellow color at one edge and became very rough... READ MORE

Fungal Toenail Removed! Too Much Pain and when Shall I Exercise Again?

2 drs checked my toenail : both diagnosed it as fungal 1st told me to do lazer almost 400$/ session while the 2nd dr pushed me to remove my toenail surgically at once :...the... READ MORE

5 Days Post Surgery Compressions Hard and Black?

I did breast lifting and abdominal lipo, my dr is american board and he is great one ...the plaster and compression on my right boob feels hard and scary ...first day i saw... READ MORE

Unilateral Bleeding Post Breast Lifting?

Its been more than a week post breast lifting and i still see blood not spotting but filling the dressing the doctor has put and i have changed it twice in past week , if it... READ MORE

Should I Be Scared to Do Sports Post Breastlifting?

Iam almost a month post breastlifting and i have to do sports for i have almost 5 kilos to loose but iam scared i'd loose the shape of my breasts post surgery . I have... READ MORE

Acell + PRP for Hairloss?

I have thin hair since i was a kid , i never needed laser for hair removal but i had very thin hair as i grow up with dieting hair loss increased , now with optimal therapy... READ MORE

Calf Vaser Lipo Swelling How Many Days to Resolve?

Iam 3 days post calf lipo , i have gone under knife many times , this much pain is a first ...cant walk but on my toes , my calves have became wider than my thighs though i... READ MORE

Chronic Mucocele in my Lower Lips? Should I Worry?

I did hyalouronic injections in my lower & upper lips like 4 months ago mistake i noticed like small pimples in my inner lower lips , but they were colorless but firm... READ MORE

Calves and Lower Body Liposuction 6 Days Post Op?

Iam 6 days post lower body lipo including the calves ...i cant walk and the swelling is terrible ...i feel i will have nervous breakdown ...i can barely stand on my toes and... READ MORE

Weight gain 1 year after Liposuction. Will I loose this fat easier than older fat with exercise?

I have done twice lipo in a average 5 years , last time one year ago for my waist thighs and back fat ! I used to be fatter before and lost weight through exercise and strict... READ MORE

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Internal Breast Lifting? Internal Bra Any Experience or Recommendation?

Iam reading about internal lifting. Of breasts by binding breast tissue with chest muscles ?? Or about internal bra its silicone made and looks like minibra i never heard of it... READ MORE

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SRB my surgeon is american board certified but i live in middle eatern country lebanon , a small hint you will way lesss than in state and also get great results , its been almost a month iam walking now and feel okay and started... READ COMMENT

Oh i feel really silly that was in nov can u tell me please did u heal by 2 weeks ?? READ COMMENT

Hello iam 9 days post calves lipo , i cant walk normally only on my toes , all numb still , if i hit my leg by mistake i feel nothing ...i can only walk in heels ...i cant walk in flats itsnot painful as much uncomfortable ....i was... READ COMMENT

Iam 3 days post surgery ...iam walking on my toes or my heels in same position all my weight on my toes ...i can barely move and though did vaser lipo on my calves they look hugeeee i know its all swelling but its really uncomfortable... READ COMMENT