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Caused Orbital Fat Loss - NOT WORTH IT! - California, CA

I started using the generic version of Latisse on June 15, 2010. Shortly after, I experienced very rapid hollowing of my eyes, both upper and lower. It did make my eyelashes longer, but they were already long to begin with. It was so not worth it, I should never have tried! The problem is, orbital fat loss was not on the list of potential side effects so how would I have known? I've only... READ MORE

Orbital Fat Grafting and Eyelid Surgery - Oxnard, CA

I had orbital fat grafting and skin removal on one eye yesterday. I had hollow eyes, but one didn't look hollow because it had a lot of skin covering it. So far, I have no bleeding or bruising. My eyes are just very swollen and I can't fully close one eye. Maybe that eye is more swollen because it is the one that had skin removed. So far, my eyes look good. I can't wait till the... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Is a Long Process - Beverly Hills, CA

I've been getting a tattoo on my ankle removed for over two years now. I've had 15 treatments and it still isn't totally gone. However, it has faded quite a bit. It only had black ink, so it should have been relatively easy to remove, but it has taken a lot longer than I expected. Even though they gave me numbing cream, getting the laser treatment hurt a lot most of the time. The... READ MORE

Renova Gives Subtle Results - California

I use Renova 0.05% and sometimes Tazorac 0.05%. I have Retin-A 0.1% as well, but haven't started using it yet. I was really scared to start using Renova because I heard it can make your skin dry and really red and peely. However, when I started using Renova, my skin didn't get ugly or anything. My skin gets a little peely if I use too much, but it's not really noticeable. I just... READ MORE

Microdermabrasian Not For Me - Pasadena, CA

One day when I was online, I saw an ad for American Laser Center and entered to win free laser hair removal. Later they called, and apparently I won but I would have to pay a little extra because whatever I won wouldn't cover the entire treatments needed. I went down to the place, and then they changed their story and said I would have to pay more than what was quoted on the phone. The... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Melasma Didn't Work - Downey, CA

I had laser treatment for melasma. I am really not sure what the laser was called, but the doctor said it was to treat melasma. I have brown spots on my cheeks from not wearing sunscreen. I'm a medium skin tone in between type 3 and 4. Getting the laser treatment was not painful at all. It just felt like a little tickling. The doctor only treated the spots on my cheeks, not my whole face.... READ MORE

Cosmelan Didn't Work for Me - California

I bought cosmelan from ebay. They claimed it was the old formula and I guess it really was because I peeled A LOT! I heard that with the new cosmelan, you don't really peel. I got cosmelan because I have brown spots on my cheeks that I got from using Proactiv and not wearing sunscreen. I've had the spots for 5 or 6 years and nothing seems to get rid of them! Anyway, I applied the... READ MORE

20% At-home TCA Peel Combined with Jessner's - No Noticeable Difference - California

I did my TCA peels myself at home to try to reduce some fine lines, get rid of some brown spots on my cheeks, and even out my skin tone and texture. I used glycolic peels and other AHA products prior, so that is probably why I didn't experience any adverse effects to the TCA. I first apply a Jessner's peel and then follow that with a 20% TCA peel. After a couple days, my skin peels off... READ MORE

Questions from Violett

Can Buccal Fat Pad Removal Help Correct Lines Around Lips?

Can buccal fat pad removal help correct parentheses lines around my lips or would it make it worse? I have heard that loss of fat causes these lines but when I pull at the fat... READ MORE

What's the Cost of Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles?

I would like to augment my nose using my own cartilage and I was wondering if the price is any different than it would be for the more common nose reduction. I would like to... READ MORE

Treatments for Melasma Vs Sun Damage

I have small brown patches on both my upper cheeks and I am not sure if they are melasma or sun damage. I read that treatments for sun damage (IPL, laser treatment) will not... READ MORE

Brow Lift or Botox for One-sided Brow Droop at 26?

I am 26 and one of my eyelid sits lower and has less arch than the other. This causes my eyelid on that side to droop also. I have gotten used to always raising my eyebrow on... READ MORE

At What Age Should a Brow Lift Be Done?

I read somewhere here that a brow lift might not be permanent if done too young. At what age should it be done so that it will not need to be redone again? READ MORE

Should I Get a Photofacial for Brown Patches on Cheeks?

I am considering getting an IPL photofacial because I have big brown patches on my cheeks that I believe were caused by using Proactiv and not wearing sunscreen 4-6 years ago... READ MORE

How to Fix Asymmetrical Eyes

My eyes are very asymmetrical as you can see in my pic. My right eyebrow is slightly lower and less arched, and my right eyelid has a lot more skin and fat. I had bells palsy... READ MORE

Why is Katie Holmes' Nose Crooked?

I want to get a nose augmentation to give my nose more projection and I don't see many examples except for Katie Holmes. Her nose looks crooked and I don't want mine to... READ MORE

Can Computer Cause or Worsen Droopy Eyelids?

I have droopy eyelids and plan to fix it soon. I am wondering what can cause or worsen this condition. I know looking at a computer screen too long can strain your eyes, but... READ MORE

Chin Reduction - Which Anesthesia is Appropriate?

If the bottom of the chin is burred down vertically, can this be done under local anesthesia? READ MORE

Eye and Brow Ptosis Only at Night

When I wake up, my eyes and brows look fine, but at night my eyelids droop and my brows fall a lot lower. I know I need ptosis surgery for my eyes but I am wondering how to fix... READ MORE

What Method of Chin Reduction is Right for Me?

I want to reduce my chin by 1/8 - 3/16 inches. I want to maintain the same basic shape, just make it shorter...but I would narrow it a little bit if necessary to maintain a... READ MORE

Fat Loss After Surgery - Can Fat Transfer Help?

I had hip surgery as a child and now I have less fat and muscle on that whole leg, but in my upper leg, I have almost no fat at all and it hurts to put any pressure on it. Is... READ MORE

Cost of Ptosis Surgery

What is the cost of ptosis surgery combined with blepharplasty? READ MORE

Can Liposuction Fix Cheek Asymmetry?

My right cheek doesn't look fatter than the left when I don't smile, but when I do, my right cheek looks a lot longer and bigger. I think the right side of my face looks a lot... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make the Nose Thinner Only when Smiling?

Is there a type of alar base reduction that only affects the nose when smiling? Or will the nose look thinner all the time? My nose is only wide when I smile. READ MORE

What is the Cost of Saline Injections to Try out the Look of Fillers?

I heard that you can get saline injections that only last a few hours to see if you like the look of fillers. How much does this cost? READ MORE

Will Fat Transfer Work Even with Nerve Damage?

I had hip surgery when I was little and it required a really big incision. I lost all my fat and muscle around there which I guess is due to nerve and blood vessel damage. This... READ MORE

Effects of fat grafting in the long run?

I am 30 yrs old and have some minor fat loss around my eyes. I would rather get fat transfer than fillers because it lasts longer and is more cost effective. However, I am... READ MORE

Defining the nose bridge?

Is an osteotomy the only way to define the nose bridge? If someone doesn't want their nose too much thinner, just more defined, could you just shave the sides a little to add... READ MORE

Reconstructive Fat Grafting and Insurance.

I had a major hip surgery when I was little and it caused a lot of fat and muscle loss. I have literally no meat where they cut and it is something that has always bothered me.... READ MORE

How to create second eyelid crease?

I naturally had two creases in my eyes but after fat grafting, it turned into one. Now my crease is too low on the outside and I want it to be more lifted. Is it possible to... READ MORE

Recent comments from Violett

Did you have any problems with sagging after your surgery? It seems like in Korea, they do the incision on the inside of the mouth so they don't remove skin and soft tissues at the same time. I have heard a lot of people say their chin... READ COMMENT

Does anyone know if Dr. Groth does fat grafting? I know he fixes bad fat grafting work but I don't see anything about him actually performing fat grafting on his site. READ COMMENT

You look beautiful and perfect! What exactly did your surgeon do? Did you have fat grafting? I have tuberous breasts and I thought implants was the only way to fix them. READ COMMENT

Did you find a surgeon to do your fat grafting yet? READ COMMENT

Don't worry, the hives always go away. In your later sessions after more of the ink comes out, the hives won't be so bad. The skin where they treated, which was scaly and bruised looking, went back to normal pretty much, but it took a... READ COMMENT