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Botox for Migraines at 26 Yrs Old?

I've had migraines for 15+ years and I have been on every med with either no luck. My neuro wants to try botox. I will do anything to get rid of these headaches so I am going... READ MORE

Will Botox for Migraines Provide Cosmetics Benefit As Well As Possible Migraines Relief?

I just got my Botox for migraines yesterday by my neurologist. I know it takes a week to see full effects and I praying for less migraines. But I am a bit curious given the... READ MORE

2nd Round of Botox for Migraines?

I just had my 2nd round of Botox for migraines and it has been about a week. I notice my face is "sticking" when I express my facial muscles. Ex: after laughing, sneezing,... READ MORE

Considering Cellulaze?

I am 26/yr old female and I have had problems with cellulite since teenage years. I am not overweight and I work out 5 days a week. Squats,lunges, firming creme, etc doesn't... READ MORE

Can Botox for migraines cause eye twitching and mild pain?

I had botox for my migraines about a month ago. This is my 6th time having the injections, it usually goes without any problems. However for the past few days the outside... READ MORE