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Scar Revision and Liposuction of Axillae and Bra Strap Area. Arlington Heights, IL

Day one after scar revision and liposuction of axillary fat. 10 months ago I had a breast lift by dr. Horndeski in houston Texas. I've written a separate blog regarding that procedure. Although the procedure went quite well, I anticipated that I would need a scar revision and dog ear repair. I've always had a fair amount of tissue under my armpits and the presence of this was much more... READ MORE

Breast Lift, No Implants, No Vertical Scar - Sugarland, TX

I am scheduled to have a Breast Lift without implants by Dr Horndeski Feb 26, 2015. I went back and forth about actually having something done, timing (in terms of waiting a few more years until my boobs are actually near my belly button..ha) etc, and ultimately decided that I'm not getting any younger, and why not now? I was not a fan of plastic surgery in the past, but after a large weight... READ MORE

Extended Abdominoplasty with Lipo: Thrilled with Results!

Oddly, when I was younger, I thought that people who had plastic surgery were crazy and insecure. What a few years bring, no? I am 5'3" and average ~150 lbs. Five years ago I was 200 lbs, and in the Philippines for a wedding with lost luggage. I was forced to go shopping for clothes in a land where nothing fit me. It was a rude in the men's store for pants that would... READ MORE

Questions from silverchica

Question Regarding Sacral Fat Pad and Low Back Liposuction? (photo)

I am looking forward to an upcoming consultation in 3 weeks for abdominoplasty with liposuction of flanks, possibly low back. I carry extra skin on the front, but I have always... READ MORE

Drainage from Around Functioning Drains: Timing of Removal?

I have three drains which exit though one hole in the mons. On POD3, Drains were draining ~150 cc/24 hrs. Now POD6, I have less than 30 cc/24h/drain, but am soaking lap pads... READ MORE

Is all silicone for scar treatment equal?

I'm scheduled for breast lift early this year. I see that many use silicone sheets to help with scar modeling in the post operative period. Any thoughts on using silicone... READ MORE

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Thanks! The real reason I'm posting this is because I don't see a lot of people focusing on this area (bra strap, underarm/axilla). I had a pretty extensive breast lift, but the nice results were shadowed by the leftover tissue on the... READ COMMENT

I got it too. PS. Looking fabulous! Happy new year and good health!! READ COMMENT

No issues with nipple sensation. I had worse sensation PRIOR to the procedure, interestingly. READ COMMENT

Funny you posted this today!! I just had a scar revision yesterday by my trusted local Plastics guy. I just didn't want to travel to Texas for scar revision. I may post an update to my review, but may do a separate review for the... READ COMMENT