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59 years old, time for facelift. Wanted a Plastic Surgeon who Specializes in Facelift surgery - which took some time to find. I interviewed three specialists and chose Dr. Shah. Glad I did. I did not do full facelift but did not do a "mini lift" either as there really is no such thing. In our long and comprehensive consultation, Dr Shah and I talked extensively about what I wanted and why. ... READ MORE

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Clarity on Which Breast Implants for My Body and Age?

I am in my late 50's, 5'7", 118 lbs. I am quite thin above the waist, w/no fat on my chest & my bones can be seen. I am looking for a natural look, not too big, nor small.... READ MORE

25 days post lower face and necklift. Still swollen and uncomfortable, sometimes painful. What can I do?

Still very swollen especially under chin out to the ears. I am most swollen in the morning. Today I woke up especially swollen, creating pain and concern. Is a waxing and... READ MORE

When can I easily turn head and neck after face and neck lift?

I am 3 weeks Post Op. My Doctor said I could return to bike riding & exercise.  Because my neck still feels really tight & swollen, I am hesitant to ride as it requires major ... READ MORE

Three months post op lower face and neck lift - still tight under neck and on the right side.

The right side of my face & neck felt too tight from day one. I am 3 months post op still have a tight band feeling under my neck, the right side feels and looks tighter... READ MORE

Left ear sticking out 3 months post op lower face/neck lift

My left ear noticeably sticks out after my lower face/neck lift. I am 3 months post op. The Doctor removed a lot of skin & I am still very tight in the neck. Can I expect... READ MORE

Sudden severe pain behind one ear; 5 months post-op lower face/neck lift?

I am 5 months post op lower face/neck lift. I moved my head back while looking up and felt and heard a scrunch in the front side of my neck. It felt like something ripped... READ MORE

Right ear is opposite of pixie ear after neck and lower face lift 10 months ago? (Photos)

I have the opposite of pixie ear on my right ear lobe. I had a neck & lower face lift in Feb 2016. My left ear looks fine. My right ear lobe is attached too high making it... READ MORE

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When Can I *EASILY* Turn Head and Neck after Face and Necklift?

I am 3 weeks Post Op and my Doctor said I could return to bike riding - outside - and exercise.  He stressed for me to "listen to my body".I have read many replies from... READ MORE


BE PREPARED TO:1. Sleep Upright and On Your Back for several weeks if not up to one month or more.Plan accordingly. I bought a temperpedic- like foam wedge online for about $70... READ MORE

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I'm in total agreement. My experience is Doctors spend very very little time on the healing process. I was in a lot of pain. I was on percocet for 3 months. I had a difficult healing. Thank goodness for real self and all of our... READ COMMENT

Believe me, Dr Shah removed and lifted ALL my saggy skin under my chin and neck. I am three months post op and still feel the tight band under my neck. Also one side is tighter than the other. I'm going to give it 3 more months to see... READ COMMENT

So glad you chose Dr. Cook. He fixed my nose after breaking it for the umpteenth time over 20 years ago and he did a nice job. READ COMMENT

Great Suggestions. I did similar and am grateful for that applesauce! READ COMMENT