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Veneers Are Great, As Long As They Stay On! - New York

I have veneers on all of my top front teeth and periodically, one comes off, usually when I am nowhere near a dentist and cannot do anything about it. Because the tooth below the veneer has been shaved down to a little nubbin, moments like these are quite painful and are obviously not thrilling in the looks department either. That said, my veneers are great overall and are way better than... READ MORE

Loved the Lashes but Not the Extra Hair! - New York, NY

I loved what Latisse did for my lashes, but I did not love getting lots of extra little lashes on the inside owners of my eyes and around the sides of my eyes--you really need to make sure the Latisse stays on your lash line only and the best way to insure success is to go straight to sleep after applying it. READ MORE

11 Good Years with Saline Implants - Los Angeles, CA

I was really disappointed that dr macdonalds office never even called my new ps back. Not what I would have expected from such a caring doctor. It turns out, the 2nd surgeon I went to just did not follow-up in a very thorough way---Dr MacDonald's office is totally happy to send me my records and I am expecting a call from Dr. MacDonald tomorrow. I am actually really interested in seeing my... READ MORE

Round 2 Breast Augmentation: from bad to worse and now on to #3

11 years ago, when I was 18, I had saline breast implants placed under the muscle, taking me from a small a to a full c. Over the past few months, I began to notice some funny changes in my breasts and I thought one was slowly deflating, but it turned out that I was actually developing cc on the other side, so it made the breast that was normal look deflated by comparison. In any case, I had... READ MORE

Questions from swift

What Can I Do Now? How Soon Can I Revise This Revision? (photo)

When I was 18, I had saline implants placed under the muscle, taking me from a non-existent a-cup to quite a full C. My implants held up for 10 years and I never had any... READ MORE

Should I replace sub pectoral high profile saline implants with anatomically correct silicone implants over the muscle? (Photo)

I am ready to undergo my third breast surgery. 1st and 2nd surgeries were saline implants placed under the muscle. I am 32, 5'1" and around 100 ibs. The surgeon I am... READ MORE

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This is absolutely the sweetest, kindest message! Thank you so much. READ COMMENT

Thank you for your warm words! I've actually just been living with my current boobs, trying to make the best of them, but a revision is still very much on my mind. READ COMMENT

Not yet... I'm between revis and pousti, but I just got divorced and there's been a lot of other stuff on my plate. I will keep you posted! Xx READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for saying this! Your words and your support mean so much to me. Thank you! READ COMMENT

Thank you! That's so nice to hear! READ COMMENT