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Hi, I think you look fab :-) I had a breast lift 5 weeks ago, and like you I think my nipples seem too low. They have changed slightly and do look slightly higher than they did when I was only 2 or 3 weeks post op. I think you're... READ COMMENT

Hi, how you doing? Five weeks for me today, so think that's eight for you? Getting used to mine now but do still feel that my nipples are a bit low :-( I saw the nurse again yesterday as I have a little area that is still weeping... READ COMMENT

Hi, how are you doing, are you used to your new boobies yet?! I'm not, though it has only been two weeks!! I had my steri strips removed today so have finally got to see them properly. I was surprised at how good my scarring is... READ COMMENT

Hi Yes been a week already! Had steri and bandage things for week they came off yesterday and now have the steri strips, they come off next Thursday (if they haven't already fallen off as two are hanging off and haven't had a... READ COMMENT

Hi, how did your check up go today? I had my dressing's off, looked ok, my surgeon has now put steri strips on and I have an appointment next week to have them removed. I feel a lot more exposed without the safety net of the dressings!... READ COMMENT