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A very tough experience overall

I am 20 years old. I always had insecurities about my nose even though my nose wasn't that bad looking. People always thought I am a pretty girl, but my insecurity limited my personal life. So I went on and had rhinoplasty. However, I am very worried now. It is the second day after surgery. I look like a mutant, bruised and swelled. I also can't breathe at all, and one of my nostrils keep... READ MORE

Questions from germangirl1990

Is Thinning the Nose Necessary After Lifting It? (photo)

Two surgeons I consulted with said the same thing. I have a small hump and a droopy tip, I wanted the tip to be less droopy and hump to be straight. They said it isn't wise to... READ MORE

My Nose is a Bit Crooked Including the Tip?

I don't have a large problematic nose, I have a long hump and droopy tip. What I want out of the surgery is to lessen the droopiness of the tip and get rid of the hump, making... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make the Nose Less Droopy Without Making It Longer?

Doctor I consulted with says my nose will get a bit longer after rhinoplasty... My nose is already big for my face and I don't want it to get longer! Can the droopy tip be less... READ MORE

Is Closed Rhinoplasty Best for a Droopy Tip Surgery?

I consulted with doctors who do closed rhinoplasty, and I consulted with ones who do open. Closed seems less risky and more simple for some reason to me, but I am concerned... READ MORE

Closed Rhinoplasty with Local Anesthesia? (photo)

I found a doctor who only does closed rhinoplasty under local anesthesia, in his own office. He is board certified and I heard he does natural noses. My nose needs a bit tip... READ MORE

Can I Go out Two Weeks Post-op During Summer?

I will have my surgery June 1st, and there is a music festival I have to attend on June 21st... My surgery will be tip work (lifting) and slightly decreasing the hump (nothing... READ MORE

Does the Nose Get Longer from the Profile when It's Lifted?

My nose is not a short nose. It is droopy, and I will get it lifted. However, a doctor I consulted said that it would be more projected once it is lifted. I don't want to be... READ MORE

How Come the Lifting of the Nose Don't Result in Its Projection?

I just consulted a plastic surgeon. He did a simultation, and the nose looked different than my past consultations with other doctors. When I asked him if the nose will look... READ MORE

When the Tip is Raised, Would the Nostrils Be Bigger?

If the tip of the nose is raised/decreased, can nostrils stay the same length/shape without additional surgical touch (such as reshaping the bulbousness)... My doctor says the... READ MORE

Confused with the Reduction of a Droopy Tip? (photo)

My nose is not a terrible one, and it doesn't make me unattractive. However, I would like the tip to be less droopy and the hump to be reduced. I don't want to look any... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Surgeon Experience Importance?

My surgeon is a Prof, however he started working independently as a rhinoplasty doctor ten years ago. He taught and worked in universities before that. I read somewhere that I... READ MORE

What Are the Names of Techniques How a Tip Can Be Lifted?

What is the technique used in rhinoplasty for listing the nose without making it more projected in length or making it wider? READ MORE

Can't Breathe Through One of my Nostrils After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty yesterday to raise my tip and remove the hump. doctor did osteotomy. My nose was not bad looking at all before surgery actually, but I just obsessed about it... READ MORE

Why is There a Small Tape on my Columella if I Had Closed Rhinopalsty?

So I had closed rhinoplasty yesterday. But doctor put a small tape on my columella... Is this normal? Also, I look like a zombie since the tip is raised. Will the tip go down... READ MORE

My Nostrils Look Larger Than Before After Rhinoplasty?

I had amazing tiny nostrils before rhinoplasty. I asked the surgeon if it will change and he said no.. But I had my surgery yesterday and my nostrils are way bigger. It... READ MORE

The Nose Tape on my Columella Got Bloody?

My nose keeps bleeding after surgery I had yesterday. The small tape on the columella got bloody and keeps getting blood. Should I be worried that it wont function? READ MORE

One Nostril Keeps Bleeding Intensely One Day After Rhinoplasty?

One of my nostril's tip keeps bleeding. its been 30 hours since surgery and it hasnt stopped. it seems that it is from the stitches where tip work was done. the bleeding goes... READ MORE

I Had Surgery Yesterday, Every Time I Swallow, my Nose Exhales?

I can't breathe at all from one nostril. And the other one is stuffy, and every time I swallow, the nostril exhales (opposite of sniff) and I can hear the stuffy sound too. I... READ MORE

Doctor Removed Tampons the Next Day After Surgery. Too Soon?

I had hump reduction with osteotomies and tip work. Doctor removed tampons next day, less than 24 hours... I am worried because I heard from friends that theirs were removed 3... READ MORE

One Side of Nose Isn't Functioning at All After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty to reduce the hump using osteotomies and raise the tip. Doctor removed the tampons the next morning, and I couldn't breathe at all from one side. It wasn't... READ MORE

Blood Clot on Stitches?

I had rhinoplasty four days ago. There's blood on tape on collumela, and one nostril has a lot of dried blood on. I'm not bleeding anymore, but the hard dried blood is present... READ MORE

Is my Rhinoplasty Considered to Be a Risky One?

I wanted a natural nose, not much changes, just a bit of corrections (my nose was already nice). I had hump reduction (I had a thin long hump that wasnt that obvious), and... READ MORE

Will the Tip Drop at This Point?

I didn't like my tip first day of surgery, and I don't like it now (4 days post-op). It is too high for my face. I had a closed rhinoplasty. Will the tip drop in these... READ MORE

Can my Nose Collapse After Closed Rhinoplasty?

I just had osteotomies done to reduce a small bump, and tip was lifted. i am terrified of my nose having problems post-op or collapsing. I am beginning to regret the surgery... READ MORE

Should I Just Leave my Nose Stuffy Post-op?

My nose is stuffy and with dried blood 4 days post-op and I can't breathe. What should I do about it? Is it okay to just leave it and clean the outside of the nose when necessary? READ MORE

Will my Tip Drop and Look More Normal Soon? (photo)

I had a closed rhinoplasty about a week ago and I'm not pleased with the results so far. Tip is too upturned and I look nothing like myself, I look terrible. I was wondering if... READ MORE

Approximately How Many Degrees Does Tip Drop After Rhinoplasty?

My lip-nose degree is around 130 now the first week. Before surgery it was around 90... I am very worried because it looks horrible right now, I had closed rhinoplasty. do you... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried About This Post-op? (photo)

It looks like under the small tapes the nose has two bumps... Weird. I asked the surgeon to leave a little bit of hump and not shave it all off. That looks great, but why does... READ MORE

How Does a Hump Get Reduced but Not Completely Gone with Rhinoplasty & Osteotomies? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty recently. The photo attached is my old nose. I asked the surgeon to reduce the hump just a little bit, 50%. The thing is I had a small, circle-y, narrow hump... READ MORE

Do Nostrils Get Larger if the Nose is Just Lifted?

Isn't it necessary to pinch the nose tip a little after lifting it? Logically to me it seems like if the surgeon just lifts it, the nostrils will get a bit larger than how it... READ MORE

Is Swelling Nose Common for Two Weeks Post-op?

My nose looks twice as much bigger than it did before surgery. I am 10 days post-op. It is huge! I am worried that this isn't the swelling but it is how the surgeon did my nose... READ MORE

Where Did my Hump Go Suddently (Post-op)?

I had a thin hump before surgery, and asked the doctor to remove it a little bit but i still wanted it to stay. After surgery and the cast was off, i could see that it was... READ MORE

Am I Prone to Polly Beak Deformity if my Tip Was Just Lifted?

I heard Polly Beak only happens if a lot of things were removed from that are (I guess), My surgery included just the raising of tip (very very minimal) and reduction of dorsal... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Nose Post-op? (photo)

I'm two weeks post-op. My nose seems very crooked. One side looks different than the other (however it was a bit different before surgery too). I had tip lifting and hump... READ MORE

It Feels Like I Have Two Separate Bones in my Nose? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty, and hump reduction was included. When I touch just under in-between my eyebrows, it is very hard and it seems like a circle-y bone is there. And then right... READ MORE

Crooked and Thin Nasal Bone Post-op? (photo)

It feels and appears that my nasal bone got much thinner and much crooked two weeks post-op. Does it look like it? I am very upset. Why do you think this happened if it... READ MORE

Was my Bridge Narrowed During Rhinoplasty?

My nasal bridge looks as crooked as before, however it seems and feels like it is much narrower. I never asked for this, since my bridge was already very narrow. Does the... READ MORE

How Long After a Poor Rhinoplasty Can Fillers Be Used, and Are They Dangerous? (photo)

Basically I had a terrible nose job a month ago. My bridge is super thin and I might have a scooped bridge deformation. My nasal bone is also insanely thin and crooked. I can't... READ MORE

What Should Be Done to my Nose for Revision? (photo)

I am 1/2 months post-op and my results aren't that satisfactory. My tip seems to be bulbous and droopy (?) The tip part looks way too big for the bridge, which is super narrow... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty done a few months ago. I am confused because my nose looks more crooked than before. Any suggestion? (photo)

Hello. I had rhinoplasty done a few months ago. I am confused because my nose looks more crooked than before, although just the tip and hump was reduced. My main concern is my... READ MORE

One of my Nostrils is Narrower Inside Post-op? (photo)

It's tough for me to explain but I'll try... Cartilage that separates two nostrils/sides of the nose is more towards the right side. Before surgery it wasn't like this. When I... READ MORE

My Septal Cartilage Seems to Be Shifted Towards the Right Side Post- Op? (photo)

I just want to understand what is wrong with my nose. I had a small hump reduction done with osteotomies, and my nose appears more crooked than it was before now. I also had my... READ MORE

Would a Nose Tip Get Larger if Nostril Tuck Wasn't Performed After Lifting?

If a nose tip is raised a bit and trimmed a bit, would it lose it's original tip size? If I push my nose with my hand it makes my nose look larger and my nostrils bigger... I... READ MORE

What Was the Technique Used to Lift/Refine the Nasal Tip in These After Photos?

Assuming cartilage grafts isn't used, what was done to the tip in this patient? The width wasn't reduced either, appears that only the droopiness was changed. Was it just... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for Droopy Tip Confusion? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty done. My question is that the tip part still seems oddly droopy to me. I don't think that the position of my tip is the issue though. I just don't like the... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty for the Tip-RISKY? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty done months ago. tip was lifted a bit and meaty looking part was thinned a bit I guess. My nose is not the way I wanted it to be. The base of the tip seems... READ MORE

Why is my Tip Still Droopy After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had closed rhinoplasty. If my tip was lifted, why does it still look the same as before? I'm frustrated... It just seems like the distance between my tip and upper lip is a... READ MORE

Scar Tissue or Just Healing?

Inside my right nostril, i think my cartilage septum is more prominent than the one on the left side. It occasionally hurts (very very very slightly) and it looks more 'meaty'... READ MORE

I Had Rhinoplasty 4 Months Ago. Why Does my Nose Look Hideous? (photo)

I just don't feel like what I hate about my nose was fixed! My tip looks about the same as before! It actually looks bigger now because the bridge is so skinnier. I HATE MY... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to my Nose for Revision? (photo)

I had a bad nose job. My bridge is now too thin and crooked and my tip is kinda droopy & fat looking... My question is, what can be done to my nose? Would it be a difficult... READ MORE

My Nose is Asymetrical, but my Surgeon Didn't Want to Correct It? (photo)

I have always had an asymetrical nose. After surgery bridge is so skinny and my nose looks a bit more asymetrical. My doctor had said that my face is a bit asymetrical, so... READ MORE

Left Side of my Bridge Feels Funny when I Touch It? (photo)

After rhinoplasty that specific part has been an issue. when i feel it hard, i can feel the lines of gaps. and when i wear glasses it feels weird. even when i slightly touch... READ MORE

Can the Saggy Part of my Tip Be Reduced? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty in hopes of that saggy, meaty part being reduced. However, its still there. My tip just looks a bit rotated, making my nose look shorter and not attractive.... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to the Tip of my Nose for Revision? (photo)

I feel like it still looks droopy and it sticks out and looks meaty on the tip! The part that's under the tip seems to be too meaty looking. I did a photoshop version myself to... READ MORE

How Can an Infratip Lobule Reduction Be Done? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty before and thought that my infratip lobule would be reduced. However, my nose was just raised and now the infratip lobule is as prominent as pre-op. It makes... READ MORE

Revision Tip Rhinoplasty, Will It Work? (photo)

I had tip cartilages lifted and trimmed tiny bit and hump removed. My nose wasnt terrible to begin with. However now i still think its droopy. I had surgery 5 months ago, can i... READ MORE

When I Apply Pressure to my Nose, It Cracks?

I had rhinoplasty months ago. Hump was reduced and tip elevated. My bridge is crooked and skinny and when I apply pressure to it from one side it cracks a bit. Or at least it... READ MORE

I Am Worried About Thinning my Nose Tip? (photo)

For revision, I want my tip to be a bit smaller. But I am scared of it looking pinched! Also, when I see people with nosejobs its so easy to tell because of the slight pinched... READ MORE

How Can my Bridge Be Made Larger?

I had a rhinoplasty and my bridge got crooked and too thin... Can it be made larger without grafts? READ MORE

I Am Afraid of a Revision, but I Am Too Unhappy?

I don't want to be disappointed once again. My primary was careless and it left my bridge too thin, crooked and just low. my tip is still droopy. it wasnt raised like i... READ MORE

There's a Hard Substance on my Tip Post-op?

Right above my tip on the left side there has been a hard thinf. idk what it is... what is it? it makes one of my profiles look weird. Its been there since i had surgery which... READ MORE

Why Does my Tip Look Like This Post-op? (photo)

I am confused, annoyed and sad. Size of my tip used to be great before. Now it looks like a big unrefined piece of meat which is asymetrical. its been more thn 5 months... READ MORE

Nose Same After Nose Job? (photo)

I feel like my nose, esp. my tip looks the same. Im sad. it looks drropy and unattractive . can i get a revision wo making my lip longer but tip look like angelina jolie's from... READ MORE

How Come my Bridge is Extremely Thin Post-op? (photo)

I had a small humo reduced but now my bridge is super thin and crooked. Was my nasal bones just thrown out to the garbage from the sides? I cant comprehend this extreme... READ MORE

My Bridge After Rhinoplasty... Why is It Worse? (photo)

I just am so angry and so upset... How come reducing my hump made me end up with a weird bridge? Can you explain to me what happened to my bridge ??? I just am in so much pain... READ MORE

Secondary Surgery Risks?

I had a very conservative surgery. I want more tip lift and refinement. I just had lifting done before. i also want my bridge to look more thick. do u think that revision... READ MORE

My Nostril Doesn't Look and Feel Okay Post-op? (photo)

That nostril bled a lot couple of days post op and today it looks like this. Was the stitches made poorly and now its open? my nose also looks more crooked. READ MORE

I want revision. How can my bridge be wider? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 6 months ago. I never was happy. My bridge is very crooked awkward and thin now. And the tip sticks out since it wasnt thinned too. When i touch the side of... READ MORE

Stitches weren't made properly in my rhinoplasty?

I had tip raising. In one side of inside of my tip where the stitches are made they weren't made properly so now those two skins aren't together attached. the other nostril... READ MORE

Why is my nasal bridge too narrow and crooked post-op? (photo)

I had hump reduction. I made my dr promise that my bridge wont get any narrower than before (my nasal bridge was in perfect size pre op) and well it did. Im very angry. Its... READ MORE

How can my nasal bridge be wider/less crooked? (photo)

I had a nose job 6 months ago and I am disgusted by my results. I look ugly now and it looks nothing like how we had discussed. My bridge is very narrow and crooked. How can... READ MORE

6 months after rhinoplasty, pain inside one nostril?

My tip was elevated and trimmed a little. The right nostril is still much bigger than the left one with less definition, and yesterday I noticed that once I put pressure on it... READ MORE

5 months after rhinoplasty, I have a cold and mucus with blood?

Bloody mucus coming out of only ONE of my nostrils. The other is fine. The bloody nostril was also a problematic one right after surgery too. Blood didn't stop coming out of... READ MORE

Why is my nose more crooked after rhinoplasty? (photo)

My bridge is super thin and my nose is more crooked post-op. I just got osteotomies with hump removal and tip liftng... Why is this? Also, my tip still looks droopy -about the... READ MORE

Revision surgery - will my tip get weaker and drop more? (photo)

I had a surgery to lift my tip and trim the cartolages abit. it went down a lot and its about the same droopy as before! I want a revision, but will revision make the tip... READ MORE

If I remove the bump on my bridge with local? (photo)

I had primary surgery 7 months ago. I will have revision on June... If I get the bump on my bridge shaved down with local anesthesia in two months, can i still have my major... READ MORE

Do I have saddle nose deformity? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 7 months ago. i asked for hump to be reduced but not fully. doctor instead put small thin bone on my nose. i want this bump to be shaved, but is that a good... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty - tip lifting? (photo)

I am not satisfied with my nose job. Bridge is too narrow and tip is still droopy. My question is, 1) What can be done to my tip for revision? Just lifting OR lifting +... READ MORE

Will my tip drop more than usual in the future now that I had a rhinoplasty?

No grafting was done. My tip was about 1 mm lifted and cartilage trimmed. It is barely noticable, which I'm so sad with. I'm worried that now since a bit of cartilage is... READ MORE

Why do i have this bump post-op? (photo)

My nose looks unattractive and shapeless. That bump on my tip right below the bridge adds to it. Why is this? How did a bump form there? Also my nostrils look differently shaped? READ MORE

Why is my tip larger post-op?

It was just lifted. My tip wasnt big to begin with so I didnt want tip reduction, i just wanted lifting. Now my tip is much bigger than pre-op:( is this even possible? READ MORE

My nose after rhinoplasty, is this normal? (photo)

I am terrified! Its been 7 months since surgery, and I just realized how the inside looks. Are these all cartilage? My top was more symetrical pre-op... Is something wrong... READ MORE

With what technique should this tip be lifted? (photo)

I want revision rhinoplasty... How can my tip be further lifted? I dont like the saggy part under the tip, but i dont want my nose to be positioned "up". Can the tip be similar... READ MORE

Which nose is more beautiful? Had Rhinoplasty 7 months ago. (photo)

My tip is larger and its still almost as droopy as before! surgeon lifted it and trimmed the cartilages a bit... Can my tip look like my photo shopped one with revision? How? READ MORE

Uneven nose tip after rhino? (photo)

I had closed rhino 7 months ago. Whys my tip uneven? READ MORE

Post-op, my tip cartilages are all over? (photo)

My tip was lifted and trimmed a bit. i can feel and see these cartolages in my nose. It is worrying me a lot!! Is it normal to have an inside-nose that looks and feels like this? READ MORE

Do I have deformities post-op? (photo)

Is it scooped or saddle? I wanted a straight and wide nose but surgeon didnt listen. now bridge appears too thin and crooked. Is it collapsed? READ MORE

Do I still have a droopy nose post-op? (photo)

I wanted to know if this nose is droopy. I dont like it especially when I smile... READ MORE

Do I have tip support loss or collapse post-op? (photo)

I know pics are never enough but I really would appreciate some insight. My tip when I touch it, it feels very soft, as if its just skin. Inside my nose there are many... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty question - adding cartilage?

I just saw a surgeon and he told me that my bridge is too thin (I agree and I hate it) and my tip is bulbous and it lacks support. He said he will widen my bridge with septum... READ MORE

One side of my nose feels weird when I press (8 months post-op)?

I had hump reduced and tip elevated. im not happy at all and ill have revision. but, my concern now is that if i press top right side of my nose i grt a weird sensation...... READ MORE

ENT or Plastic Surgeon for revision rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hey! So I had a cool nose and a pretty face, now its all gone. 7 months ago I had a nose job to perfect my nose. Doctor made my nose too narrow for my face, (i told him i want... READ MORE

Cant decide between two doctors for revision rhinoplasty... HELP!

Hi, I will have revision this summer. There are two doctors where I live in Europe that im considering. Both are ENT/Facial surgeons. Here are some things you can see for help:... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty surgery time- is it important?

If a surgeon does a surgery in 1-1:30 hours does it mean he is careless OR better? I heard people bragging about how a surgeon spends 4 hours in surgery. but i heard from... READ MORE

How do I know if my nose collapsed after nose job?

One side of my nose feels 'odd' when I touch it. the other side is all fine... The odd side also looks a bit lower than the other side (the bridge)... Are these signs of... READ MORE

What could be done to my nose with revision? (photo)

My bridge seems crooked and too thin, and my tip seems droopy and bulbous. am I right? how can a more balanced nose be created? My nose before was better :( READ MORE

Please help! Can my nasal tip be made like this? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty to raise my tip and remove hump. im not satisfied. my tip looks weird STILL. I heard from two doctors that I have a natural deformity in my tip, and that... READ MORE

Conservative further tip elevation with revision? (photos)

It it easy? My tip was elevated a year ago by a ps and now ill have revision with an ENT. I hear that their techniques might be different... My concern is I dont want to look... READ MORE

I am terrified of my nose looking like this? (photo)

What can I tell my doctor so i wont have a nose like in the picture? my tip is already small, but its just droopy and bulbous. its not wide at all. so im so scared!!! READ MORE

Do I have a saddle nose deformity OR droopy tip? (Photo)

I had rhino to elevate my tip and remove hump. theres a tiny bone graft on my bridge that ill remove with revision. my auestion is, do i have a saddle nose deformity? can it be... READ MORE

Is it worth having revision rhinoplasty for 1 mm lift? (photo)

My doctor left me with an unsatisfying tip. I want a conservative lift but i am afraid of risks. i need to have revision anyway because i have side wall collapse on one side... READ MORE

How can a sharp nasal tip be achieved? (photo)

I think that my nose is too round from the side and 1/3 look. i want a more 'sharp' looking tip like in the picture. how is this done, with what technique? READ MORE

Am I at big risk- Use of septal cartilage for revision rhinoplasty? (photo)

I read so many horror stories that I dont know what to do. I have a very narrow bridge now after primary rhino. One side is collapsed. Doctors i saw so far told me that septum... READ MORE

Is my nostril collapsed? (photo)

Also why is the other nostril like a ball? pre op photos are attached and shows that my nose was smaller. Now my tip is twice as big even though it was a closed surgery and its... READ MORE

Big round forehead and huge eyes: What does my nose need? (Photo)

I had a bad rhinoplasty done a year ago. I had a hump and droopy tip but now i have an overly narrow and awkward nose. My question is, what should be done for my nose, which... READ MORE

Weird tip, do I have a deformity? (photos)

This is my nose 1 year after surgery... I want to have revision. Whats wrong with my tip?! READ MORE

Why don't I have a columellar? (photo)

I had surgery but my tip looks the same. Before surgery my nose looked droopy and now it looks like it. Do I have some deformity on my tip? My columellar doesnt seem to be... READ MORE

How can I achieve a reduced/less droopy tip? (photo)

I want my nasal tip to look less meaty/droopy. I do not know why my nose is shaped this way, its too much for my petite figure. How can that part be reduced like I did in the... READ MORE

Collapsed Sidewall and Doctors Wants to Put Cartiliage in: Is This Just a Camouflage For the Issue?

Is it just a camouflage for the problem? I have a collapsed sidewall and doctor said he needs to put septum cartilage there. My worry is i dont want to feel like it just... READ MORE

Can a collapsed sidewall be fixed with grafting IF there's a breathing problem?

I cant breathe well because of an extremely narrow bridge and a collapsed sidewall. would placing a cartilage be enough to fix my breathing or does my bone needs to be broken? READ MORE

How can the tip of my nose be revised? (photos)

I had a surgery a year ago. My tip is still bad. My tip was just raised but My problem isnt solved. I want the length of the tip to look shorter from the front. Is this possible? READ MORE

I have a side collapse that will be fixed with cartilage grafting, but I don't know what should be done to my tip (photos)

All doctors say different things! I don't want it smaller - I just don't like how it looks from 3/4 angle. It kind of appears like I dont have a columellar. And it doesn't look... READ MORE

Odd feeling in my nose when I touch it from the side? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty a year ago. I'm 20. My bone was broken and a small hump was taken down. I am worried because I have a side collapse, my nasal bridge is extremely thin and... READ MORE

Collapsed side and droopy tip. Would a revision be risky? (Photo)

I am afraid of revision. I had a nose job a year ago, it wasn't necessary and I look much worse now! My bridge is all collapsed and ruined and my tip still looks droopy because... READ MORE

Osteotomies or graft to fix a collapsed sidewall?

I had a bad primary a year ago. Now I went to ENT and Plastic Surgeon for consulting my revision. ENT suggest putting septal cartilage on my collapsed sidewall to fix it... READ MORE

Should I do injections for a collapsed sidewall before Revision Rhinoplasty?

I have a collapsed sidewall from my primary surgery. I will eventually have a revision, but I am indecisive about what I want for my tip. I may hang for one more year before a... READ MORE

How can my nose tip be made shorter without my nostrils showing? (photos)

I love the nose of Angelina Jolie. She has a rotated tip, but her nostrils aren't prominent. I hate the tip of my nose, it looks too long and aggressive sometimes. However, I... READ MORE

Revision - Should I get more of a tip lift? (photo)

I'm going to have a revision. I don't like how my tip stands, i think it is too much of a V and on 3/4 views my tip looks weird for my face. Is it because it is not lifted... READ MORE

Does dome-binding suture elevate the tip?

If a patient is performed dome-binding suture, does she/he also get a slight tip rotation as a result? I have a bit of a droopy, bulbous tip, and I was wondering if only... READ MORE

Osteotomies and cartilage grafting for revision?

I had a little bit of crooked nose and an overly narrow bridge. My tip lacked definition and it was a bit droopy. I have thick skin on the tip and very thin on the bridge. I... READ MORE

Is it normal to see tip cartilage grafts through nostrils post-op?

I had surgery two days ago and I can see white cartilages inside my nose right at the tip when I look through the nostrils. This is normal, right? Tip Grafting was done at the... READ MORE

Is it normal for incision stitches to hurt when I touch it?

I had rhinoplasty four days ago and I am using the anti bactereal cream on my incision stitches and around my nostrils. When I try to clean my nose with q-tips I slightly touch... READ MORE

4 days post op Revision Rhinoplasty, do I have to clean all over my nose where blood clots are visible?

I had a revision open rhinoplasty 4 days ago. I have silicon tampons in both noses. I clean the outer of my nostrils with q-tip and the water i was prescribed. I also put anti... READ MORE

1 week post op of Rhinoplasty, I feel like the things I eat go in my nose. Is it possible for this to happen?

Is it possible for this to happen? I had surgery a week ago and I just ate pasta. I kind of felt the paste go to the back of my nose and the odor is there after an hour. I... READ MORE

Why do I have nasal packing in between my nostrils?

I had surgery a week ago, and I noticed a white plastic-like plane substance on each of my nostrils. They are where two sides of the nostrils separate. Now I'm not sure if this... READ MORE

Can nasal tip get rounder using fillers? (Photo)

I had a revision rhinoplasty two years ago. I'm not satisfied with my nasal tip because it is overly grafted, but very pointy and slightly droopy. So in certain lights it looks... READ MORE

Can I use fillers on my nose 2 years after revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Hi, unfortunately I stumbled upon the wrong surgeons and my nose now is not at all what I imagined. From the front it looks too big even with the tip being smaller. Because of... READ MORE

Can I have a safe third revision rhinoplasty with this technique?

I don't like how pointy my nose is. I'd like it to be rounder. A lot of grafting was done on my tip as well as dome suturing. I don't like the dents on my tip which are the... READ MORE

Do you think 3rd tip surgery has a risk of necrosis and nose melting, and would the results be permanent or not?

23 years old, contemplating a 3rd rhinoplasty... I had a closed and then an open rhinoplasty. I'm not satisfied with how pointy my tip is. I had a very beautiful tip... READ MORE

I had "Lift" injected on my cheekbones and I have terrible pain?

I'm 21. I went to see a doctor for fillers on my lips. She said she wouldn't inject my lips if she didn't inject my cheekbones... Said I had a flat face. I was like fine. I... READ MORE

Lyft injected in the wrong place?

Hi, I had Lyft injections last week because my plastic surgeon said my face looked droopy. Mind you, I'm only 21... She injected half a cc on each side. On one side, however,... READ MORE

Are REVERSED dome sutures possible as part of revision rhinoplasty? (photos)

A lot of work was done to my nose... I have a "tippy" tip with many grafts now, and I hate it. It is possible to do a tip revision where the dome sutures are separated and... READ MORE

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Surgery tomorrow. But I am terrified! Please help...

I am very, very scared after reading how people's noses collapsed or assymetries formed. I My nose isn't that bad, and everyone says I am really pretty. But I just don't like... READ MORE

What Are Top Celebrity Surgeons in the World?

Who did Angelina Jolie's nose job? And who are some top surgeons who like to do natural and proper noses? Who do you suggest for my revision? READ MORE

Best revision expert in the world?

I know this is relative, but please give me some names so I can look them up. I need a bridge widening and tip elevation. I heard of Richard Davis in FL, and some in Dallas but... READ MORE

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Hey! Your nose looks beautiful :) How swollen was your bridge the second week? My nose looks HUGEEEEEEEEEE, I mean, the bridge is huge. The type of our noses are similar especially your nose at week 3. Did it get smaller for sure after... READ COMMENT

No but it will be in june. itll be my revision... Yes I see whats done to the tip but i dont think it was raised, it gave the impression that its raised because your columellar appeared! Am I right? it looks raised but the very tip of... READ COMMENT

Well then dont be childish and say finally i have an igly nose. clearly i didnt insult your nose in my main comment. its just weird how you responded to it. we are all trying to help you and i am trying to see this from your shoes . as... READ COMMENT

God her nose isnt that great doesnt mean she has an ugly nose. she is a beautiful girl still . im starting to think that she made this thread for attention and she wont even have a nosejob anyway. READ COMMENT

Listen i read some horror stories online but that didnt stop me for having surgery. so i underdtand you. and also i am sure if i posted my pre op photos here people would leave the same comments as they are to you. but your nose is not... READ COMMENT