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Chin Implant plus Double Chin Smart Lipo, Dr Perlman Spring, TX

Tired of no jawline and my double chin so finally doing something about it 9/13/17. Dr Perlman recommended a chin implant as well which I have been told my whole life in need so taking care of both same procedure. He did an amazing job on my lower torso smart lipo so I'm excited to see the results from this procedure. I'm positive it will look amazing but I'm not putting my opinion on worth it... READ MORE

Male, Smart Lipo performed by Dr Perlman. Spring, TX

Wanted to post my smart lipo experience here so hope this will help someone out here considering having this procedure performed. I workout a few times a week and have always watched my diet but at my age I can't lean out my midsection. Hoping to lose some inches and get back my body I had when I was younger. Surprisingly calm and ready, just took my Ultram with some fruit and taking my... READ MORE

Doctor Review

Great Dr in every way, can't say enough good things about him and his professional staff.

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Eyelid Surgery

27 May 2017, Created 4 months ago

Joseph M. Perlman, MD

5 out of 5 stars

Dr pearlman did a small eye lid surgery on me 2 years ago and now I'm going back on June 14 for Smart Lipo of my abs and flanks. Used to be scared of procedures but now I'm very excited and ready to heal up so I can have few more procedures performed. After the smart lipo I plan on also have rhinoplasty and a chin implant. Dr pearlman and his staff are very professional and accommodating in... READ MORE

Questions from larry832

What type of results can I expect from Smart Lipo? What is the size I should be after and how much can be removed? (photo)

I am excited to be having smart lipo on my abs, back and flanks. Right now I have a 40.5-42" waist. I've seen several posts here where under 500cc's were removed and they... READ MORE

Procedure was as smooth as could be (Smart Lipo Abs and Flanks), my tonsils are very dry and sore, what is this? 1 day post.

Surgery was a breeze I was awake and talking full time to the Dr and staff. I just woke up after sleeping 7 hours and my tonsils are very dry and sore. I'm draining like crazy... READ MORE

Will sitting in steam sauna help or hurt healing after Smart Lipo?

I was told I could walk or do light cardio after 3 days and I always start my workout with 20 minutes in the stem sauna but I also havre a dry sauna ty gym I could use. Will... READ MORE

Would Smart lipo work on my double chin or do I need more? (Photos)

Would smart lipo alone be much of improvement or should I go implant route too? Is recovery time much longer if I get the implant at same time? Would I need another procedure... READ MORE

Looking for best PRP Hair Loss DR in Houston area, need legit recommendations, please. Any suggestions?

Been calling around and I feel like it's a big sales scam, everyone says there's is the best but pricing is from $500-$$3000. Most are 3 month packages for 1800-2500 and best... READ MORE

How much PRP can you get from 20cc blood draw for hair treatment?

Had a medspa tell me they get 17cc at 4-5x prp concentration, does that sound accurate? They want 2500 for the treatment for 3 months but from what little details they can tell... READ MORE

Recent comments from larry832

Wow, amazingly beautiful results. Bravo to the surgeon and his talent. READ COMMENT

I had smart lipo on my abs in June , going back in 3 weeks for chin. READ COMMENT

Sorry this happened to you after all the money you paid to this Dr, few other patients on this site had similar experiences. I spoke with couple PS offices around the Woodlands and Sona Medspa about cool sculpting but they all made me... READ COMMENT

Get a lawyer, no matter what you signed you should have legal recourse because this is unacceptable from any professional practice. READ COMMENT

The $5,500 I mentioned is because I only wanted abs done but the sales lady brought up my chin. I paid under 3k for my abs with smart lipo. The cool sculping spa's made me feel like they were just pushy sales people trying to get my money. READ COMMENT