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My Dentist Uses the Zoom Whitening Kit but Doesnt Use the Zoom Lamp, Instead He Uses LED with No UV?

Will the results be the same if my dentist uses LED light lamp with wavelength of 430-490nm along with the zoom whitening kit instead of using the ZOOM lamp. Also, what are the... READ MORE

What's the Best in Office Whitening System for Me to Use if I Dont Have Yellow Teeth? (photo)

I take very good care of my teeth and they are not yellow, however I want them to be bright white. So I was wondering what is the best in office whitening system for me?? READ MORE

I Have Vertical Fracture on my Upper Bicuspid As a Result of Post Insertion & an Abscess Under Tooth?

I have been to different dentists and they all have different opinions. They all suggested that I must extract and then they all differed in opinion about what to do next. One... READ MORE

10 Year Old Suffers from Intestinal Parasites (Giardia) and Hemoglobin 9.5?

My 10 yr has been looking really pale lately so I did a stool, blood and urine tests and discovered he has an intestinal worm (Giardia) and his hemoglobin is 9.5. Also, when he... READ MORE