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I have taken soma since the beginning. ps prescribed soma with the pain pill. the spasms are constant as long as i am up. i am still taking a soma in the morning and one in the evening. i really don't know if they are helping or not. READ COMMENT

Ha...i just posted this same question on the mommy makeover/jan & feb surgeries. that's exactly how i described it....like braxton hicks contractions. when do you have yours? i have mine when i am up walking a lot like at the... READ COMMENT

This is in my stomach area. i had mini tt. i'm not sure if i have read about anyone else having this. when i asked my nurse about it a couple of weeks ago, she confirmed that is what it was...said some people have it worse than... READ COMMENT

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks po....wow! it has been a blur! anyone else having muscle cramps/contractions in their stomach. as long as i am resting there is nothing....but as soon as i am moving around, out shopping, cleaning...my... READ COMMENT

I hope i can still get in my jeans after sitting on my throne (recliner) for 3 weeks!!!! i'm sure i have gained a couple of pounds!!! READ COMMENT