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How does this HCG work and where do I have to get it. How much does it cost. Had my surgery january and Need to loose 20lbs. Thanks ladies for sharing READ COMMENT

How does it work? i mean couch to 5k READ COMMENT

Take tape off. Clean the wound and put bacitracin on it and all over yr boobs. Let them get some air and breath. Else you may get infection. Good to call PS too READ COMMENT

Hi DDD, waoo u really healing nice. So i wanna know. Do u put yr oil blend on top of the surgical tape or oil the gals before u tape? READ COMMENT

B4 we go ahead, remember No part of the body is symmetrical. B4 yr breasts reduction both of the were not equal. One is always bigger than the other. Thus the PS can never make them equal after surgery. They try to get them look alike.... READ COMMENT