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Questions from Kj2013

Eye Bag Swelling After Lower Conjunctival Bleph?

I am 9 days post lower conj bleph. Feel like eye bags still very present. Hard to imagine them changing, as they now look tiered. I also had a tca peel that was supposed to... READ MORE

2 1/2 Weeks Post Blephatpla?

I am 2 1/2 weeks post lower transconjunctival blepharplasty and have severe anxiety over the lack of results I am seeing at this point. I am most concerned with the "hound dog"... READ MORE

I Am Nearly 4 Weeks Post Lower Trans Bleph and Noticing Hollowing, Especially in One Eye. Normal?

I am noticing hollowing- darkness and a sunken look- especially under one eye. Is this normal? Will it resolve? When? READ MORE

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I am now 7 weeks put and doing a bit better. I am far from pleased, but am stArting to see improvement. READ COMMENT

I am now 4.5 weeks out and have seen some improvement, but still also hiding behind glasses as I still am far from happy with results. Trying to stay positive as do. Insists that skin flaps will go back in And that I still have residual... READ COMMENT

That is helpful and reassuring. Thanks. I'm sure any discoloration can be covered with makeup. I'm glad you are happy. Are you happy, overall, with your results? No regrets? READ COMMENT

I am 2 1/2 wks out and feel the same regret. My formerly just puffy eyes look aged, saggy, with. Terrible creases and crevices, lines and circles. Have you experienced improvement? READ COMMENT