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Since my Septorhinoplasty Op 18 Months Ago There is a Hard Lump Halfway Down. Is It an Easy Fix? (photo)

I have seen a GP specialising in ENT who has told me I need a revision operation and that my original operation was not performed properly. He says it needs shaving, my septum... READ MORE

Can This Dent on my Nasal Septum Be Fixed? It Feels Uncomfortable, Sticky and Looks Red and Inflamed. (photo)

It is dented on the septum and feels uncomfortable, either from being attacked 3 years ago or putting ice in it (silly I know) straight after the attack. Would the ice have... READ MORE

I Had a Septorhinoplasty Operation 18 Months Ago, What Revision Work Do I Require? (photo)

The nasal septum has a gash on it (left nostril), either from being attacked or putting ice in it straight after the attack. Would the ice have caused this? Can the nose be... READ MORE

Post 18 Months Septorhinoplasty Operation, Hard Lump in Middle 3rd,stiff/tight Skin and Burning in Nostrils. Probable Cause/fix?

I had the op 18 months ago,there are irregularies on the bone and left middle 3rd. The skin feels tight and stiff,I still have some difficulty smiling properly and there's some... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty After Reconstructive Primary. What Needs Fixing? How Complex Is It? Can It Be Done Under Local? (photo)

Primary was NHS reconstructive septorhinoplasty,hump removed,no tip work. Issues: 1.Restricted & noisy breathing 2.Left nostril collapse on inhalation. 3.Nostril flare on... READ MORE

Reconstructive Septo-rhinoplasty. What is Causing Bruised Feeling? Tight Internal Skin? Burning? (photo)

Conservative op,fracture/hump removed, no tip work. Noisy/strained breathing,cartlidge in the wrong place,clear fluid runs one side,lump just above tip,tender nostrils,nose... READ MORE

What is Causing my Runny Nostril with Burning Pain, Breathing Problems and Tight Nostrils 2 Years Post Septorhinoplasty? (photo)

I had reconstructive septo-rhinoplasty with IT outfracture,nose/air feels dry but runs 1 side,burning pain felt (on and off) that side,breathing noisy/restricted,cold sensation... READ MORE

Due a revision septorhinoplasty with bilateral spreader grafts inserted via a closed approach. Please advise benefits vs risks?

I had a failed primary 2 and a half years ago with has resulted in some breathing problems mostly on one side with possible NVC (valve is very narrow), some pain and tightness,... READ MORE

Due a revision with bilateral spreader grafts using a closed approach. Alternatives? (photo)

Please advise the positives & negatives? I had a failed primary 2 and a half years ago with has resulted in some breathing problems mostly on one side with possible NVC... READ MORE

I had septo-rhinoplasty 2 years ago. does it look wrong on my photos & CT images? (Photo)

I have middle fault collapse, mainly on my left side, and my nose clicks to the touch on both sides in this area. Restricted breathing and some pain and tightness, runny... READ MORE

1 year post revision septorhino, alar batten graft has migrated into the piriform aperture. What treatment is required? (Photo)

A routine check up by a different doctor applying too much pressure with a nasal speculum has dislodged one of my alar batten grafts causing breathing problems, pain and a... READ MORE

Breathing problems & pain 3 weeks post septoturbinotomy, 1 year post revision septorhinoplasty. Cause? How to correct? (Photo)

A Dr performed (I think) a septoturbinotomy (turbinate outfracture/septum straightening) procedure on my nose 3 weeks ago. Straight away I noticed pain and altered breathing,... READ MORE

Causing of my breathing problems 6 weeks post septoturbinotomy? 2 past septorhinoplastys with IT outfracture at primary (Photo)

A staff grade Dr performed a septoturbinotomy (un-consented) using 2 long leg speculums. My symptoms are noisy breathing, alar collapse/nostril flare, excess mucus, suffocation... READ MORE

Do I require tertiary rhinoplasty? What's wrong with my nose? Noisy breathing, nasal valve pinching, dry mouth & pain (Photo)

I had a revision rhinoplasty with extensive grafting just over a year ago, 2 months ago a Dr inserted a cottle speculum into my nose and applied pressure to my turbinates and... READ MORE

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I disagree, I think your nose looks good and I can tell the difference too! How is your breathing? Any pain or discomfort? READ COMMENT

He does NHS and private work in Leicester, highly experienced. READ COMMENT

Why aren't you happy with the result? Your nose looks great! I also had a revision rhinoplasty with Mr Banerjee in Leicester, and thought he did an amazing job. If it wasn't for a surgery another doctor performed on my nose without my... READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing such a positive story! Could you descibe in more detail the operation he performed please? Open/closed/ear graft/refracture etc. READ COMMENT

How is your recovery coming along now? Is your nose still itching? Breathing good? Cosmetic changes? READ COMMENT