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Santa is bringing me boobs???

I feel like I've spent most my life obsessed by boobs and unlike most girls who do this procedure, I actually had a generous pair from a VERY early age. I got my boobs at 9 years old and I was disgusted in them, I hated them, kids were mean and I did anything I could to hide them. By 13 I was an E cup, can you imagine? My problem is that I was quite chunky teen. I'm 5ft 3.5 and at my... READ MORE

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Boob job timing.

Hi Ladies,  I havent completely made up my mind about getting a BA yet but i'm in a busy time in my life and I need a little bit of help.  I am at university until... READ MORE

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Katy perry has amazing boobs the lucky lady! I had my initial appointment in may but don't think I can have surgery until December. I'm going to be living away from home and I don't want to do it where there's no one to look after me so... READ COMMENT

I can't believe I haven't commented on this earlier! Reading your story we are virtually the same. I also started off as a chubby kid ( with massive boobs!) but as I lost my puppy fat I lost them too and what's left looks like I've... READ COMMENT

Oh yeah, I just got a letter from my dr telling me I am medically classed as being the owner of a saggy pair! Wahoo!! Spinning is probably a great alternative to running, huge calorie burn but not as bouncey. I did it last week for the... READ COMMENT

How are you feeling today? A longer scar may be annoying but from what I've seen once they are well healed ( as in a few years out) they are barely visible anyway so 2 inches or 4 inches probably won't make a difference in the long run.... READ COMMENT

Its the greatest thing when you see someone who has the same surgeon as you and you think yes! you survived and you look GREAT! I think the cases that go wrong are so scary that even though they're very rare they weigh on your mind a... READ COMMENT