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I agree so much. I had braces twenty years ago! And it's all coming back to me now! I'm on day two of a 25 tray period. I would probably be just fine if I didn't have a tongue!! I can't even tell you how much pain it has been. There is... READ COMMENT

Mine never feels tight. Weird. Did they put it only in your forehead? READ COMMENT

I agree. Go to someone who is savvy injecting Botox. Gosh, I would be so mad if my eye lid was droopy after paying all that money!! I'm so sorry that happened to you Maydoggie. That is crazy!! READ COMMENT

I was told by my doctor that they could not use botox around the mouth area. So good question!! Was it a doctor?? I have Botox every four months around my eyes and forehead. I love it. One time I bruised badly and then after I always... READ COMMENT

I agree. My Doctor is a sweetheart and I think he does great work. But, I was "not" told how much down time it was going to be. In fact, it was after my surgery when I kept asking more and more questions that I was actually told it... READ COMMENT