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I had Dysport twice. The first time I was fine. The second time the toxin spread systematically in my body and I have been severely I'll ever since. I am 3 years post and still suffer from muscle weakness, fatigue, nausea,... READ COMMENT

I know Very Sick and she is not doing well. She continues to have severe symptoms....mainly fatigue, seizures, dizziness, anxiety, muscle spasms, sensitivity issues....it has completely changed her life and has debilitated her. ... READ COMMENT

Micky I wanted to come back and suggest to you that your wife should try takin activated charcoal. Take 250 Mg (or startvout with less) in water at least 2 hours away from meals or medication. There are a couple of other women who... READ COMMENT

Not necessarily. While it is possible that a trace amount could have traveled into the bloodstream....what also can happen is that the toxin can migrate trough the nervous system axonally. This can happen over time...ie hence part... READ COMMENT

It is not your imagination. Your side effects and what you are feeling is very real and have been experienced by many others. It doesn't matter where the injections are put or what for...the same side effects can be felt by anyone. ... READ COMMENT