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There is no "medical grade filler" approved for injections into the hips, butt, or thighs. No reputable doctor will do this, so you're left with back alley "practitioners" who will pump you up in hotel rooms or something. Silicone... READ COMMENT

They are great for moisturizing the skin, but there's no way that being wrapped in plastic or herbal potions can cause fat loss. If they could there wouldn't be a fat person alive! As to stretch marks, these are literally scars that... READ COMMENT

This is a very good reason not to let non-physicians anywhere near your face with medical devices like these. READ COMMENT

This kind of thing happens all too often with laser hair removal, which is why I won't touch it. I chose electrolysis for my hair removal needs, which I feel is much safer. Anyway, you need to see a dermatologist about this. A... READ COMMENT

Of course you won't lose weight with a "body wrap;" that would be magic. All a body wrap can do is dehydrate you, causing water weight loss. Also, some of the oils and creams might make your skin feel softer. However, there's no... READ COMMENT