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Mine is blue! READ COMMENT

I have tried ACV for my melasma and it did nothing. I did use it on a wart that my son had. We had been to the dermatologist at least 3 times and had it frozen off but it always came back. It took about 2 weeks with the ACV, it flaked... READ COMMENT

What are the options to fix the hormones? Just curious as I know that hormones play a major role but not sure how or what they do to fix it. READ COMMENT

I have melasma in the exact places you've mentioned above. I have tried what seems like everything and have spent a fortune. The only thing that truly lightened my melasma was a Melanage Peel. It was not very painful but required some... READ COMMENT

I finally went and bought the Nizoral shampoo and started doing this two days ago. I will be consistent, see what happens and let you know :) How long before you started to see any lightening? READ COMMENT