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Male Pec Implants - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Ryan Stanton's team answered all of my questions about male pec implants quickly and efficiently. I liked the quality of work in his photo gallery. I feel very confident using Dr. Stanton for this procedure: looks like he has plenty of experience. I still haven't made up my mind yet, though on which Dr. I am going to use for this procedure. READ MORE

Have Any Males Undergone Fat Grafting to Buttocks, Brazilian Butt Lift?

Just divorced male with a bad back and knees can no longer work out legs/glutes. I am getting liposuction with fat grafting to buttocks because I am still actively bodybuilding but my buttocks are disappearing. Would love to hear from any other males (or females) who have undergone this procedure and have advice. Has anyone had fat grafting to the face during their BBL? I was also... READ MORE

Questions from ImprovingtheUSMale

Can a BBL Work on a 5'-11? (photo)

I am a male bodybuilder in his early 50's. Due to bad knees I can no longer do very heavy leg work and my once large muscular glutes are disappearing. I have gained alot of fat... READ MORE

Is Silicone Injection in the Testacles, Penis, Butt by a Doctor Safe? Many Friends Have Done This.

I have many friends who have made the trip to Tijuana and had their penis, testicles, butt, biceps enlarged with silicone. Aside from occasional lumps, some of them have had no... READ MORE

Are Large Custom Pec Implants More Problematic Than Smaller Ones?

I am a 6', 235 lb bodybuilder that would like pec implants. I have a large frame and the largest size made would just disappear in my pecs. I see so many Before and After shots... READ MORE

Still Looking for a DR Who Can Do Pec Implants of a Larger Size Than Aiche #4? (photo)

Large framed weight lifter, 6', 245 lbs. needing a larger size implant than the Aiche #4. If they can do large breast implants why can't they do large pec implants? Do I need... READ MORE

Are There Any Doctors Who Have Done Lipo, A Small Amount Of Fat Grafting And An Implant On A Male?

I have given upon the idea of a male getting a BBL.  I am physically active: work out 5 days a week. I now need to lose the weight I gained for the BBL as I was told by... READ MORE

Severe swelling under 1 eye 4 weeks after belatero and restylane-1/2 vial/each in each cheek. Swelling increasing. What do I do?

4 weeks ago I received injections for the hollows of my cheeks. The Dr. had done my upper bleph 6 mos before w/little improvement so also got botox to pull up brows. Asst got... READ MORE

Realistically, how long does laser hair removal last? I have heard from friends who have had complete hair regrowth

I am actively involved in bodybuilding. I currently shave legs, arms, chest and stomach. I have very fine black hairs on my upper arms, shoulders, back and buttocks. The hair... READ MORE

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$14,000? plus another $6000 for transportation and lodging? That's crazy. So many good Dr's in Mexico and the US at less than half the price. Except I don't know any that have good results on a male. READ COMMENT

No one I know has ever gotten permanent growth via synthol- it basically goes back to the same size it was before injection. Saline pumpers have been injecting saline into their scrotum for decades. There is a lot of migration of... READ COMMENT

Maybe, if you never lose weight and don't ever work out your chest it MIGHT hold - is what Dr.'s are telling me. LOL. Sure, I'll plunk down $10,000 for "might"! Conversely, I have friends who have had medical grade silicone injected in... READ COMMENT

What a rotten Dr. Everyone reads this site before consulting a plastic surgeon so his career is toast! He won't have to worry about ANY follow up visits from anyone! READ COMMENT

I think most plastic surgeons (that don't do butt implants) would disagree with you. Butt implants have a very high rate of rejection. If you get to two years you are doing good. Five years is unusual. The fact that very few people ever... READ COMMENT