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Rhinoplasty for Bulbous Nose? (photo)

I'm not sure if the word "bulbous" is the appropriate word to use to describe my nose but the best way to describe what I am unhappy with is the bubble type look I have at the... READ MORE

Fraxel, Erbium, or C02 Laser for Dark Freckles and Small Dark Moles? (photo)

I have dark brown freckles on my neck and a few on my face. They are not raised so I wouldn't consider them moles, but they have the pigmentation of moles. I was wondering if... READ MORE

What Laser Would Be Best for Surgery Incision Scars?

I had back surgery about a year ago, and have a scar running down my back and was wondering which laser would be best for fading the redness or fading the scar altogether. I... READ MORE

I Want to Enhance my Jawline, but Am Afraid a Chin Implant Will Make Me Look Like Jay Leno? (photo)

So my question is.. How can I enhance the jaw line other than having a chin implant surgery? implants in the actual jaw line? What are my options? Sometimes its obvious when... READ MORE

Laser to Improve Scar from Spinal Fusion? (photo)

Had spinal fusion one year ago. Have used products such as Glycolic Acid & Retin-A, making the scar look as great as it possibly can. I would like to have laser done on the... READ MORE

Laser Treatments for surgery incision on my back?

I recently had back surgery and have a fairly large scar down the center of my back. My question is... How long do I need to wait until it is safe to begin treatment to the... READ MORE

Photodynamic Therapy with Levulan?

I am having a PDT treatment with levulan in a couple weeks. my doctor said the "incubation" period before going under the light is 1 hour. I've read that longer incubation... READ MORE

PDT with Levulan?

Just had PDT with Levulan. Levulan was applied and I incubated for 1 hour and then went under blue light for 16 min 40 sec. Today is the day after and I am only slightly red... READ MORE

100% Silicone Scar Gel for surgical incision scars?

Doctors, I have been using Kelo-cote gel and some other silicone sheeting products for 6 weeks on a surgical incision scar on my back. I have used them pretty religiously. I... READ MORE

Red, wide, 6-inch long surgical incision scar on back? Would you use similar treatment on your patients? (Photos)

Surgical Incision scar---It is Not raised. Just red and wide--- very slightly depressed. My doctor is doing treatments of Vbeam (redness) and ResurFX (blending). Do you agree... READ MORE

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I have heard it takes between 3 - 6 treatments for most patients and it can take several weeks AFTER the treatments to see results--- it is not instantaneous. Good luck! READ COMMENT

Is this the "skinade" drink? READ COMMENT

Hope you don't mind me asking but did you also have lipo on your chin area? Not that you had really any fat before but your chin looks perfect now!! READ COMMENT