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Accutane Cleared Me Up

Healed me up very fast. My skin was dry but overall I liked the effects of Accutane. I still have pigmentation problems though. Side effects I had were dry lips, a little bit of loss of hair, and trouble sleeping on some nights. I also felt very tired and overslept a lot while on accutane.I just got off of a 4 month accutane treatment. Is it okay for me to immediately start using RetinA,... READ MORE

Questions from radicalcad

Using Less Invasive Treatments Safe 4 Months After Accutane?

I just got off of a 4 month accutane treatment. Is it okay for me to immediately start using Retin-A, Vitamin C, AHA? I know that with deeper chemical peels, one would need to... READ MORE

Reducing Broad Shoulders and Improving Neck Shape?

I have very broad shoulders for a girl, and my neck is very thick and short. Is it possible through plastic surgery to reduce the width of my shoulders and make my neck longer... READ MORE

Opinions on Petroleum-based Products?

What is your opinion on petroleum-based skin care products, based on your research? These products get a lot of bad hype ranging from it makes skin addictive and dependent to... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Thin the Skin on the Nose?

I've had thick skin on my nose since forever. I am looking into getting a nose job and I know the issues with thick skin involved in nose jobs. It also wouldn't hurt if I could... READ MORE

Effects of Silicone on the Thick Skin at Nose Tip

My nose is extremely thick nd i been told no amount of cartilage crafting or grafts will help.i know SI is disliked because it can lead to infection and more importantly,skin... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Replace Orbital Rim Implants?

I have round eyes with lots of scleral show, also lots of flatness in my maxilla, right under my eyes. i would like to make my eyes more almond shaped, squintier. im pretty... READ MORE

Epicanthoplsaty and Lateral Canthoplasty - Dry Eyes?

Can an epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty potentially cause dry eyes since in these operations skin is being removed which opens the eyeball up to the drying atmosphere?... READ MORE

Do Forehead Implants Lower the Eyebrows As Well?

Ive seen a lot of forehead implant before and after results and i find them rather impressive but am wondering why in a lot of these cases, the patient's forehead is not... READ MORE

Retin Micro vs the Cream

Does retin a miicro work just as well as the cream? I know its the same ingredient and less irritating but if that weree the case, why does every1 use micro and just ditch the... READ MORE

Orbital Rim Implants, Lateral Cantho Plasty and -Plexy - In What Order?

If one had round eyes and scleral show due to BOTH a recessed orbital rim area AND lax under eye, and wanted to get both procedures, which one should be done first generally to... READ MORE

Taping the Nose After Asian Rhinoplasty - How to Do It?

I had a typical asian rhinoplasty.i had a very short nose and upturned snout like nose with upturned tip. its been about 4 weeks since ive had my surgery ad ive been taping my... READ MORE

Lasik and Lateral Canthoplasty Medial Epicantho at the Same Time

I know u cant do blepharoplasty and lasik in one sitting because of the eyelid intersection, but what about epicantho and lateral cantho AND lasik, not necessarily in one... READ MORE

Filler to Mimic a High Implant in Rhinoplasty

I had a rhinoplasty with a silicone implant in the bridge a year ago with no issues. however, i feel like the implant is still too low in my bridge and would like to get a... READ MORE

Do Fillers Complicate Future Surgeries?

If someone wants to get surgeries or implants in the future, like cheek and nose but dont want to go under the knife quite yet, so they just want to dabble with fillers for a... READ MORE

Bug-Eyed from the Top

If your eyes are deepset from below, but bug eyed and bulgy from the top, what can you do to fix this issue? READ MORE

Epicanthal Fold Type THREE to Type ONE

I have epicanthal fold type 3,I want to become #1. Yes,I realize this will have a westernizing effect and may potentially make me look to Caucasian, but I still want it,... READ MORE

Silicone Cheek Implant Fixation

What method is preferred? I am an extremely active individual with a job that forces me to exercise a lot and jump around a lot. However, I don't plan on getting punched in... READ MORE

Palatal Expander for Wider Arch

If your teeth are perfectly straight and aligned from braces when you were younger (16, now I am currently 21 almost 22) but you have an arch that is still relatively on the... READ MORE

Exercise After Cheek, Chin, Orbital Rim Implants and a Few Other Operations

I am getting surgery on March 15th but I have a mini marathon run of almost 4 miles on April 2nd and 10th. Please tell me I can still participate in these events! If I... READ MORE

80% of Sun Damage Occurs Before Age 18? Dermatologist Opinion Please!

This just seems insane, that the first 25% of our lives we get 80% of sun damage. Why is this and why do 20-25 year olds still have all this nice baby smooth skin like kids.... READ MORE

Asian Skin Discoloration from Sun Exposure

I had too much sun exposure when i was younger, and as a result, my face is now red and darker than my extremely pale smooth skin on my back, buttocks, places that don't... READ MORE

Lip Reduction Between the Philtral Columns

My lip volume is fine, however, I have a straight top lip absolutely with no philtral ridges. I have used filler to augment the two peaks of the bow but its still relatively... READ MORE

Cheek Implants Infected - Should They be Removed?

My cheek implant was infected 3 days ago...i had a fever, but now i dont have a fever anymore. my cheek really blew up the second day, but it has gone down quite a bit now...... READ MORE

Pec implants, what is necessary to get them done correctly? (photo)

I have naturally lean muscles in the chest area but when i want to, i can get bulky everywhere else EXCEPT the chest when i train hard(just not in the chest). i want to have... READ MORE

Premax implant making my tip and columnellar stiff when I smile. Could it be too big?

It has been almost a year now, before when i used to smile i would be able to bare all of my teeth, part of my upper gums, and my upper lip would be thick when i smiled.... READ MORE