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I know but it's still a tradition to tip them too. They don't get paid all that much either. And there are so many causes out there, like the starving Third-Worlders. It's going to take a while to change something like that, not... READ COMMENT

I wont be on this site again, likely. I just wanted to know if I was tipping enough, my 15% for a relatively expensive haircut. I can't give more and then extra money for hair washer. But I agree with annabee. We live in a society where... READ COMMENT

Sometimes you must put yourself before your clients. You should at least raise your price for new clients and raise somewhat for the old, carefully because people are sensitive about money they take it personally. I can tell you that if... READ COMMENT

In a salon do you actually think they get the 125$ they charge? The Salon gets most of it. Why don't we move to Europe where little tipping or less tipping happens. They still expect tips no matter how rude they are to us. It's just... READ COMMENT

That's just not the way it is. Waitresses get tipped, taxi drivers receive a tip, and delivery people who don't own the business receive a tip. Tipping is what we do in polite society. There may be exceptions in the case with your hair... READ COMMENT