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Fat Injections Under the Eyes Overdone? (photo)

Dear Doctors, The surgeon injected fat under my eyes and now 6 monthes after injections. He definitely injected too much. People who see me think that I'm sick. My friends says... READ MORE

Skin Condition? (photo)

Dear Doctors, Can you please check my skin condition and tell me if it could be improved? Is it normal to have such skin at 31 years old? Can I expect huge difference? Thank you. READ MORE

Ear Deformity? 3 weeks after SMAS Facelift, this is how my ear looks now. I feel its doesn't look "normal". (photo)

Dear Doctors, 3 weeks after smas facelift, this is how my ear looks now. I feel its doesn't look "normal". I believe its shows clear sign of the facelift. If there is any... READ MORE

SMAS Facelift No Effect? (photo)

Dear Doctors, I'm 4 weeks post smas facelift. Problems were not resolved. I've posted some pics. It was SMAS facelift lower 2/3. I'm young patient, but I wanted to resolve the... READ MORE

Whats Wrong with my Lips? (photo)

Dear Doctors, I want to fix my lips. The surgery done with lips: bullhorn lip lift, upper lip corners augumentation, upper lip reduction, lower lip XY to increase the volume.... READ MORE

Ugly Scar Around the Nose? (photo)

Dear Doctors, Is it possible to completely remove and/or make competely invisible scar around my nostril? Surgery was 30 days ago. When I can start work with my scar and what... READ MORE

Why Some People Have Worse Skin After Laser Threatment? (photo)

I wish to improve my skin texture and lift it a little bit. I'm looking for a fraxel laser (Pixel, Total FX, Deep FX) However, according to realself replies about fractional... READ MORE

Lip Philtrum Puffy After Bullhorn Lip Lift?

Dear Doctors, Lip lift was done about 7 months ago and I have a "puffy philtrum" after the procedure. I didn't notice that until few people didn't mention that. My doctor has... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Desired Result? (photo)

Dear Doctors, Is it possible to get the desired result (not by volume, but by skin lift effect). I do not want to have more volume at the cheeks area. I do not want to add... READ MORE

Internal Scar Caused Skin Irregularities? (photo)

I'm 45 days after nostrils surgery and my friends (and finally me) noticed that area between my nose and lip looks like a scar between nose and upper lip. There are no external... READ MORE

Jaw Surgery Gone Wrong? (photo)

Dear Doctors, My jaw surgery was done exclusively for cosmetic reasons, I had normal bite and symmetry, but little bit backward jaw. I came to doctor to do botox injection and... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove my Scar? (photo)

Dear Doctors, Is it possible to make my scar invisible? What are my options? Laser, fillers, revision, permanent makeup with tattoo pigments? Please help. I'm very ashamed to... READ MORE

What Treatment Could Best Fix Or Improve My Nose/ Nostrils? (photo)

Hello, If my nose could be fixed? Top picture shows my nose now, bottom picture shows my idea how it should look. (its just an idea) Is it possible to correct my nose? Bullhorn... READ MORE

How can I improve/remove scar around my nostril? (photo)

Dear Doctors, What is a most proper treatment to improve/remove scar around my nostril? If laser treatment should be considered as the best option in my case? If yes, which... READ MORE

Deep-plane facelift? Silhouette lift? Mid-face lift? Combination? (photo)

Dear Doctor, I've attached 3D images of my face in sitting and lying positions. I'm satisfied with my face in lying position, but I'm not satisfied with my face in sitting... READ MORE

Do multiple fractional laser treatments equal one fully ablative erbium laser resurfacing?

I wonder if its better to go safer way and perform fractional co2 3-4 times or perform one fully ablative erbium laser resurfacing. If the results are equal with multiply... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct ear distortion (tragus?) after facelift? (photos)

Is it possible to correct ear distortion (tragus?) after facelift? My doctor says its not possible to correct. Do you know exact correction method? If any additional scar... READ MORE

Is it possible to reconstruct upper lip vermilion border (white roll)? (Photo)

I've lost vermilion border definition on upper lip after lip augumentation surgery. Is there is any technique available to reconstruct vermilion border? I've tried HA lip... READ MORE

2 years post mini-facelift, and I have neck/ear issues. Would a revision help? (Photo)

Dear Doctors, 2 years ago I had a mini facelift and left with aesthetic issues. First, the facelift probably should be redone, because effect was too little. And second what... READ MORE

Fat injection under eyes 2.5 years ago. (photos)

Hello, Im very unhappy with a fat transfer under the eyes. The fat is firm, hard, movable and lumpy. Do you think, I can improve my situation? If yes, what is a best approach... READ MORE