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43 Years Old, Bothering Bags Under Eyes. Switzerland

I have been suffering from slight malar bags for a few years now. I actually think it all started when I had some filler placed in my tear troughs four years ago by a different doctor. I spoke to my current doctor about this problem and he suggested sculptra for my midface combined with ultherapy under my eyes to lift and tighten those bags a bit. I went ahead with it, esp. since the cost of... READ MORE

Removed Melasma from Pregnancy - Switzerland

Luckily, most of us women don't know beforehand about all the issues we may encounter after being pregnant - sagging bellies and breasts, melasma from hormonal changes, wrinkles from sleep deprivation, lack of sex, etc. - there would probably be less children out there, if we knew... Just joking, of course I wouldn't exchange my boys for anything in the world. However, I still decided to have... READ MORE

Helped my Self-confidence Immensely - Switzerland, CH

I had my breast augmentation 5 years ago and I'm still soo very happy I had it done. I had lost most of my breast volume from breastfeeding my two sons for two years all up (and I had small boobs to begin with, but at least they were perky and not sagging like a sock with a golf ball in it). The end result is extremely natural, it was a tear-shaped implant and placed under the muscle with very... READ MORE

Good Experience - Switzerland

I'm approaching 40, so I thought I'd give botox a go. I did it for my 11s and for a brow lift. I was really pleased with the results. They look natural, I still had my facial expressions, yet I look (and even felt!) more relaxed. Sadly, the effect wore off quite quickly, but I have read that it starts lasting longer when you do repeated injections. I've already booked my next appointment... READ MORE

Questions from similla

Refined Botox Technique? (photo)

I am 40 and have had lines across my forehead for years now. Since I have a fringe, my forehead lines never bothered me. I am now developing crowsfeet and 11s and my brows have... READ MORE

Is Restylane an Outdated Product?

During a consultation with my dermatologist, I asked about Restylane. He told me that Restylane was an outdated filler that has been on the market for years and has not been... READ MORE

Effects of Infrared Radiation?

I recently researched the effects of far IR radiation. There are 2 studies that noted an increase in collagen production and decrease in wrinkling. However, I found also this... READ MORE

What is the use of hyrdocortisone pre-peel? Is there an alternative?

I’m preparation for a medium depth peel. My doctor prescribed me 0.5 tretinoin, 0.4 hydroquinone and 0.2 hyrdocortisone. I understand that retinoic acid assists in achieving a... READ MORE

I'm swelling 9 months post Rhinoplasty - is it normal? (photos)

I’m concerned about swelling after my rhinoplasty: The first pic is 4 months post OP, after a dose of 40 mg of oral prednisone taken due to a wasp bite. In the second pic, y... READ MORE

Prednisone 8 weeks after sculptra. Will it hamper my result? Should I wait a year to see if swelling improves?

My doctor has prescribed me a 3 week tapered course of prednisolone to help with prolonged tip swelling 9 months post rhinoplasty (from 50mg down to 10 in 20 days). I have... READ MORE

Tip revision and possibly lip lift? (Photo)

Dear doctors: I'm 43 and had a rhinoplasty two years ago to remove a hump. While I'm quite happy with the bridge now, the tip now seems out of proportion to the rest and has... READ MORE

Widening dental arch through palatal expansion, Invisalign or veneers? (Photo)

I am bothered by my narrow dental arch and large buccal corridors, which make me a little self-concious about smiling. What treatment course would you recommend? I also have an... READ MORE

Recent comments from similla

You look great - and I can clearly see the blonde braids on each side in your before as well as after pictures, you've added pictures to clearly prove it. Great result! READ COMMENT

Hey, coexe, thanks for this useful info. I'm not quite ready for any invasive measures but will def keep this in mind. READ COMMENT

Dede, did the doctor mix the PRP with the fat or did he inject it after the fat transfer? Fantastic results, very happy for you and thanks for this blog, I really appreciate it! READ COMMENT

You look great, so young, amazing! Could you do another video? Enjoyed watching those. :=) READ COMMENT