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One more question!! When I catch a cold me ears bunged up! Does it happen the same after nose surgery? I mean is the Eustachian tube affected the same way because of the blood and the swelling? READ COMMENT

They are too bad!!! I have middle ear myoclonus, that is muscle spasms. and I did a surgery. It is terrible. When I will do the surgery I will have too ask you a lot!! I am sure!! Thanks to be here for us READ COMMENT

Thanks a lot!! You really helped me. I would also like to ask you sth. What kind of infections did you have? I have middle ear issues. READ COMMENT

Hello!! i am going to have a nose job on 7th of january and i am very anxious about that! it sounds horrible not to "feel" your nose 1-2 years after surgery!! does it worth? what about tha breathing after sugery? isn't annying? sorry... READ COMMENT