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Juvederm Filler in Lips, Botox in Forehead. 48 Yrs Old!

I quit smoking almost 2 years ago and am older and have always had very thin lips and now have/had those fine lines around them! I work out a lot to keep my body in decent shape,(not as good as I want, but then again, are we ever happy?), and with peri-menopause starting, I'm noticing the aging process starting to take it's toll. I plan on fighting it as much as I can! I had Botox... READ MORE

Here I am at 1 year post op!! So happy! - Arlington Heights, IL

In the past year I have lost over 50lbs and actually hit my 100lb weight loss mark. I am ready to have a flat tummy. Haven't had one since high school. I've wanted this for so long and have worked so hard to get to this point. I'm looking forward to being a smaller size, seeing past my belly when I look down(though I'm getting breast implants too, so that probably won't happen!), and... READ MORE

1 Year!!! post op! Best thing ever!- Arlington Heights, IL

I've always wanted bigger breasts and have always thought about getting implants. In the past year, I have lost 50 lbs and have worked so hard and changed my lifestyle. It's time to do this for myself! I'm nervous, but excited! I'm worried about not working out but I will get back on track as soon as I can! Calling around, trying to find the least expensive mammography place around since I... READ MORE

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You are doing great! Things seem to be progressing as they should. It will be a little more time before you're able to stand up straight, but you'll get there! You'll get better and better! Congrats on your mommy makeover! You look... READ COMMENT

It can be completely normal to be that swollen, you are still at the beginning of your recovery. Give yourself time. You will certainly be more swollen at the end of the night. You will flatten out. If you read back to this time... READ COMMENT

You won't be disappointed! I just love Dr Placik and his team! I even brought my sister in for a consultation for Juvaderm, (I didn't spell that right!), and she is getting her frown lines filled on Wednesday! Take tons of before... READ COMMENT

He is amazing! Yes, he is a bit higher then others, but he does amazing work, his staff is the best and he has the best bed side manner! I couldn't be happier! I look forward to hearing your story and seeing what you do! I'm so... READ COMMENT

Went for my one year today, (and updated my review), but my PS told me that I still have a bit of swelling right below my belly button. That I'm 95% done swelling, but there is a bit more to go. I can't tell since I've gained a bit of... READ COMMENT