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I am not terribly impressed with the silicone bandage strips...the edges roll and curl up. Anyone else having issues with them? READ COMMENT

Three weeks and three days post was my first day scheduled back to work. Got up at 5:30 am....walking the dog....tripped and took a very hard fall on concrete. Wow....limped back home and found I had ripped open the sutures... READ COMMENT

I would like to thank whoever posted that Week 3 was a turning point! My surgery was three weeks ago (tomorrow) and I am starting to feel more human. I went out for several hours today, got my hair cut, really feeling good. Trying... READ COMMENT

Happy New Year! I am almost 3 weeks post reduction....I started using vitamin E oil on all of my incisions and It has made such a difference! I am not as irritable with having the compression bra on (which has seemed to just irritate... READ COMMENT

Thanks for responding...that cold sensation thing is really weird. But now I can tell my husband that I am NOT losing my mind! :) I hope tomorrow is a better day for you! Happy New Year! READ COMMENT