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Tip Plasty for Improving the Appearance of Fatty Nostrils?

I'm Middle Eastern and have a bulbous nose. I just want a smaller tip with refined nostrils to match (the bridge is fine). My plastic surgeon prefers to leave my nostrils... READ MORE

Radiesse for Tear-trough Area?

I'm a 25 year old, female and since I turned 22, I noticed that my uppermost-cheek/tear-trough area is starting to flatten. This problem emphasizes dark circles around my eyes... READ MORE

Fillers for Glabella and Radix Region?

Premature aging and weight loss has given me 'gaunt' looking lower forehead (above the eyebrows) and narrow temples. The glabella and radix between my eyes look narrow and... READ MORE

Would It Be Safe to Do 4 Cosmetic Procedures at Once?

I'm considering getting Rhinoplasty (just tip work), Breast implants, inner Thigh lift and Liposuction to the flanks/mid-section. I'd like to save cost and do them all at once.... READ MORE

Multiple Cosmetic Procedures Safety and the Recovery Time?

I'm a healthy 25-year-old woman, and I've lost 80 pounds, now at my ideal weight. The procedures I'd like done are: Breast Augmentation, Inner Thigh Lift (loose skin isn't... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Upper Breasts to Hide Rippling from Implants?

Due to some reason, I can only have breast implants placed over the muscle. I know that chances that I'll ripple are high, especially since my upper chest is very "bony" with... READ MORE

Tear Trough Filler Changed the Shape of my Eyes

I had my tear troughs filled in, being Middle Eastern, I had naturally deep set eyes, but now I am puffy on my lower eyelid and my eyes look shallow and small, it looks like my... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Eyebrows and Forehead - Is This Possible?

I am a 26 year old female with premature aging/gauntness of the face due to severe stress the past couple years. I have decided to get fat transfer done to the malar and... READ MORE

Brazil Butt Lift + Thigh Lift? Or Lower Body Lift? (photo)

I've lost 80 pounds (now I'm 5'5 and 137lbs) and I'm quite happy with my body except for my butt and thighs. I have deep dents and dimples on my butt and it has flattened in... READ MORE

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They could have done a better job at feminizing his face. Some fillers to widen the eyebrows and fill in the temples, and fillers to his submalar and lower cheek, and also on the chin. That would provide more balance for the cheek... READ COMMENT

The lift looks pretty good! but I think it's the implants that are too narrow. A Mod+ implant rather than HP would most probably have looked better on your frame and it would given you better upper pole fullness. I really think what is... READ COMMENT