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36 Yrs, 2 Kids, Normal Deliveries. Ab, Thigh, Arms Lipo and Breast Lift. Scar Revision. All Procedures Done Neglecting Aesthetic

I wanted to lift my breasts (circum-areolar mestopexy) as I did not want scars of anchor/other lift. I got it done, but the doc was so amateur (and I was stupid enought to trust him and not take another opinion.) that he cut the areola without the marker. So it turned out to be very big and and de-shaped, pointing upwards with ugly scarring. READ MORE

Questions from jasmine2

Disfigurement and Dents, Lumps After 8 Months of Smartlipo (Female, 36)? (photo)

I went for smartlipo for ab, thighs and arms. Arms were ok. but, abs and thighs are disfigured badly. Now, I am left with lumps and dents on my ab and disfigured thighs (dent... READ MORE

Smartlipo Disaster, Ab and Thigh, Female, 36? (photo)

Whatever happened now, it can not be undone. One thing, I would like to say is that I do not wish to go for Tummy tuck. And also, it is not only about my ab, but also about my... READ MORE

How Painful is Fat Grafting (Botched Lipo) and Effective Under Local Tumescent Anaesthesia?

I have had two time liposuction in lower ab and inner thigh (wrong area done). All the fat from these two areas is suctioned out. Now these are heavily dented. I am considering... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Botched Lipo?

I become more and more depressed after knowing more about correcting botched Lipo through fat transfer. 1) 1 requires G.A./nerve block etc. So, if it requires multiple... READ MORE

Bad Hypertrophic Scars of Liposuction Incisions? (photo)

In addition to my botched lipo problem, I have tendency to very bad hypertrophic scars.(didn't know before) On my arms and thighs, these are so much visible and so the same... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Botched Lipo Correction? (photo)

1st Lipo 12 months + 2nd - 10 months back. I don't wish to touch "virgin areas" of lipo to avoid further possible setbacks. I wish to go for micro-lipo conservatively under... READ MORE

Ultrasonic Lipolysis to Even out Liposuction Deformities. Experts' Views Please? (photo)

(1) A thought, I am giving to the "Ultrasonic Lipolysis" for unevenly suctioned fat on ab and thighs (only immed. above n behind the dents) to minimize the appearance of... READ MORE

What is Riggotomies and How is It Done? Is It Different from Fat Grafting?

Here is one suggestion for my problem of over-suctioned lipo and that is "Riggotomies". This is very new for me. I searched the net. I am not able to find any significant info... READ MORE

How much fat can be grafted in one area?

I want to go for fat grafting in my inner thigh as well as revision liposuction in ab. I was curios,is there any limit of fat-harvesting plus fat grafting in scar tissue to... READ MORE

I have had Veneers for 2 years and they keep breaking and falling out when eating. Why is this?

I got veneers total 8 numbers on front teeth, two years back. All the veneers keep falling without notice while eating and they break due to chewing. The dentist keeps... READ MORE

Can adding patient's own fresh blood to the centrifuged fat increase the chances of more fat survival?

I am seeing doctors in my area for correction of my problem. Since, I m very sensitive about the second surgery and looking for an expert, I have consulted an american... READ MORE

Which kind of liposuction technique is supposed to be the best for large volume fat grafting in over-liposuctioned area?

I am told that ULTRASONIC liposuction is not good for fat survival. But, VASER and TEMESCENT are supposed to be the best for fat survival and so for fat grafting. Which... READ MORE

Can shifting of fat fix dents in abs and thighs within the abs region? Can fat survive? What about debris (blood etc.)?

This time suggested, to fill up the dents (big) in ab area by a regular movements of cannula by SHIFTING the fat from upper abdominal to lower ab, where the dents are, WITHOUT... READ MORE

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Thnx for your review. Pls keep posting your photos till final results. :) READ COMMENT

Oh.... there are pics in my profile. but they r of botched up lipo only of ab and thigh and scar revision. there r none of breast lift. :) READ COMMENT

Yes. I did go for the revision for the breast lifts 3 months back. What the previous doctor did was stitches circum-areolar, which needed to be removed after 10 days. He did stitches outside the skin surface. They turned out to be... READ COMMENT

Hi! Could you please post your before and after photos? READ COMMENT

You look good with your original Ab. I personally don't like totally flat ab in any woman. You have perfectly sculpted ab. After all, fat equally distributed in a woman's body makes her look sexier. Rest is your wish. Wish you luck... READ COMMENT