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I was happy to so decline sit ups & cable chops today:). My poor abs have suffered the most during the recovery period butt so worth it. Went to beach last week & was so thrilled about my appearance in my suit my abs didn't even matter.... READ COMMENT

Been doing about everything except chest...did do a little this past week only 10lbs in each hand on bench felt tight. Did experience the same feeling when you started working chest? I know everyone is different but love to hear you... READ COMMENT

Hello:). How is your strength training going? READ COMMENT

Sorry you are getting a cold:(. Working out for me is my sanity also & more husband is so lost without me going with him:(. Friday I do get start cardio & will for sure do legs:). Take Care and Energy C is amazing for knocking out... READ COMMENT

Hello:). I am doing awesome 5 days now!!! I am ready to hit the gym but know can't until Friday:(. Go to doctor tomorrow hoping they say its ok I walk the track:). I have been able to so house work, shop, laundry!!! Much easier... READ COMMENT