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Does Permanent Makeup Effect Rhinoplasty?

I got permanent eyeliner done and a beauty mark on the side of my nose. I'm still about 1 1/2 months away from my rhinoplasty surgery date. Will everything be okay? Will the... READ MORE

After Rhinoplasty Does Packing Make Your Nose Look Wider Before You Remove It?

Ive noticed my nose looks wider after rhinoplasty. i have a splint on and packing inside which Iam instructed to remove in a few hours..will it look smaller when i remove the... READ MORE

Can I Go on a Plane and Themepark Rides One Month After Rhinoplasty?

I have a trip to Disneyland booked in 4 weeks time and Im scared i wont be able to do anything? will I be able to go on themepark rides and the airplane? Ive have my surgery... READ MORE

Removing my Rhinoplasty Cast?

I was instructed to remove my rhinoplasty cast on the 7th day after surgery. are there any tips of removing it? will pulling it off hurt my nose? I was told to put vaseline... READ MORE

Can I Shower Normally Once the Cast is Off?

Once my cast is off can I wash normally in the shower? READ MORE

Tip Lifted but Now Drooping? Can Removing the Cast Hurt the Results?

I had my tip lifted during rhinoplasty. immediately after removing the cast it looked lifted and nice. but then a few hours later it seemed to droop? is this swelling? also my... READ MORE

Is Tanning Okay After Rhinoplasty?

Naturally under the sun? I hardly tan because of the lack of sun/warmth where I live, but Iam going on vacation and wouldnt mind laying out in the sun for awhile. I had a... READ MORE

Hard Pea Sized Lump After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty (closed), I had the sides and bridge shaved down. I noticed just today after I got out of the shower that there was a pea sized lump ABOVE my bridge, sort of... READ MORE

Can I Take Acne Clearing and Hair, Nail and Skin meds after Rhinoplasty? (photos)

Are these two medications safe to take after my rhinoplasty? I didnt think they'd harm it in anyway but I'd like to double check. will they reflect the results? Iam 2 weeks... READ MORE

Can I Use Proactive Acne Cream After Rhinoplasty?

Iam 2 weeks post op and I was wondering if it was ok to use proactive on my skin? since i have quite abit of acne after the first week READ MORE

Will the Sides of my Nose Go Down?

Just wanted to double check this. theres swelling on the sides of my nose, its hard, but not bone because if i gently massage it it goes down. but the next day itll be back up.... READ MORE

I had the sides of my nose shaved down after rhinoplasty. Is This Swelling?

I had the sides of my nose shaved down after rhinoplasty, however one side has a bump while the other doesnt. (upper part of the bridge, also im close to 3 weeks post op) its... READ MORE

Still Have a Bump After Rhinoplasty?

I had a bump on the top of my nose shaved down as well as the sides. Im now 3 weeks post op and there is still a bump on the top and a little on the sides, but it is squishy... READ MORE

Vacationing After Rhinoplasty?

Im going on vacation to Florida in a little while and Im about 1 month post op. I wanted to double check that itll be safe to go onto rides, and will mild sun exposure (since... READ MORE

Hard Bump on Nose After Rhinoplasty?

Hello, It's been 2 months since my rhinoplasty, I had bumps on the sides of my bridge shaved down and also one on the top of the bridge and some tip work. Everytime I wake up... READ MORE

Can I Get Rhinoplasty if I Have a Nose Piercing?

I have my nose pierced, and Ill be getting revision rhinoplasty next year (not a big one, just a tiny bit getting shaved down on the side on my bridge and the tip lifted a... READ MORE