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Fat Transfer ,upper Blefaroplasty , Under Eyes Chemical Peel - New York, NY

I haven't had it yet but I'm very excited and can't wait for it to happen. I'll keep you posted afterwards Please read the whole review of my consultation with Dr Jafri because you are like me you need to have a connection and feel confident about going through with having your face done and living with your decision...... READ MORE

Questions from Vivian Faith

What's the Best, Most Natural, Long Lasting and Price Efficient Between These? (photo)

What's the best, most natural, long lastin and price efficient between, sculptra, fat grafting & silicone and can you recomend an expert ,trusting doctor in NYC for the... READ MORE

Must Fat Be Overdone for the Body Own Absortion?

Is it true that fat injections have to be exagerated because of the body's absortion and if so how long does it take for it to go back to normal ....and if the "fat transfer is... READ MORE

After Seeing 10 or More Doctors in NYC, Florida, Brazil, I Still Haven't Found the Solution to my Skin Problem? (photo)

I had acne scar ice pic and other types.... 25 years ago I had skin grafting(skin behind my ear ) done by a prominent NYC dermatologist. After years bumps stared to show in my... READ MORE

I Was Diagnosed with Miliary Osteoma and Was Told I Need an Aesthetician to for the Calcified Facial Bumps? (photo)

What's the best way to go about finding the right person with experience in removing these calcifications without getting scars . I also woul like to know how much is the... READ MORE

Is Needling Safe to Do It at Home?

I have some scars and in general a bad skin texture.I feel needling could be a good alternative for me since i didn't do well with lasers. What should i find out before i buy... READ MORE

I Have Parallel Lines on my Neck Which Give my Age Away?

My neck is skinny (lost all volume) and shows my age. I don't have double chin sagging or extra skin or folds. I know i don't need a face lift or neck lift... Besides the"... READ MORE

I Have Several Issues with my Eyes I'd Like to Know What's the Best Approach to Correct Them All? (photo)

I have very dark circles, bags on the sides of my eyes ,folds on top and loose skin under.....i want all the problems fixed but i want a natural look.... What's your expert... READ MORE

I'm Very Confused and Afraid to Make the Wrong Decision. Researching For Facial Volume?

I've been diligent with my research for facial volume..Sculptra,Fat , Silikon and some of the feedback from patients are horror stories.They claim they went to Board Certified... READ MORE

Best Cream to Use with Deramarollers?

What's the best and most reasonable cream or serum to use in conjunction with derma rollers .I need one that will penetrate into the skin and promote collagen production. I've... READ MORE

What kind of filler is used around the mouth and chin?

I have folds around my mouth and I have lost volume in that area as well..... what filler is best for that that has a natural and long lasting effect. I would prefer something... READ MORE

Is it common for Sculptra to absorb differently from one side to the other?

I had injections in each side of my face three times with one month intervals.....the results so far are very subtle however I've notice that one side is fuller and different... READ MORE

Can any Surgeon or Dermatologist find a solution for my skin condition? Please help! (Photo)

I'm urging every Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon help me find out how to improve the condition I have on my cheeks. I'm plagued with very unattractive bumps in cheeks for... READ MORE

Hi is there a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon in NYC or South Florida who knows how treat Miliary Osteoma Cutis..? (Photo)

Hello, I've had a very bumps on my face ,on the cheeks that are very unattractive . People ask me if I have a rash or rosacea, but it's actually it looks worse than that.... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with Miliary Osteoma. How is it treated and is there a common cause? Can you get rid of it completely?

Basically I have bumps some on my face specially on my cheeks some are very hard to the touch and others look like milia and others are very deep inside . The biopsy of one it... READ MORE

Is "Voluma" safe for tear through? (Photo)

I'm contemplating getting fillers around my eyes. I desperate need this treatment because not only do I have sunken eyes, but very dark circles is well. I was told that this... READ MORE

Can two different treatments be done at the same time?

I had sculptra in January 2015 and two months later I had Voluma in the same areas the sculptra was injected. Can one interfere with the other and prevent it from yield best... READ MORE

What procedures should I have based on my pictures? (Photo)

I know I need several procedures !! I want to look natural and long lasting , but I'm not ready for a facelift because my face is very thin and I'm afraid there isn't enough... READ MORE

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Can you post pictures of before and after please?!!! READ COMMENT

Can you post before and after pictures? READ COMMENT

How long does it last and can you post before and after pictures? Thanks READ COMMENT

Hi, thanks for posting this!!! Where do I get it and how much does it cost? READ COMMENT

Absolutely !!! it will take years of your face , however you want it to look natural!!! Good luck! READ COMMENT