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I get the feeling you're not a doctor. You shouldn't be instructing people that stuff like this is "supposed" to happen. READ COMMENT

Lol, i'm sorry but here is no way you look 38-39 if you're fifty...maybe if it's from like, 10 ft away but not within normal speaking distance. Retin a does not keep people from getting actual wrinkles; it just smooths fine lines, and... READ COMMENT

Retin a and Retinol are two different things, and stop exaggerating. I know exactly what your referring to (as I too, experienced leathery skin from retin a) but there is no way if made your skin have the texture of a 70 yr old. Lol,... READ COMMENT

Ugh. I'm kinda sick of people belligerently defending retin a and refusing to accept that people can use it correctly and still damage their skin. Trust me, it happens, and the longer you use the stuff, the more likely it is to happen... READ COMMENT