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I Did Top 6 Front Teeth - Fayetteville, AR

I waited several years. I was seeing people with " fat" teeth. My dentist showed me a patient 's teeth I finally liked I don't have pictures but I will tell you 2 things Don't go too white. Go mor age natural. Next don't have the teeth perfect. My incisors look different thus looking more realistic! Funny. I was conscious as to whether they looked fake - when I had tummy surgery, I... READ MORE

I Did It! I Made the Move to a Smaller, Healthier Me! - Fayetteville, AR

My husband was not "on board" so I took him to my family physician whom we both respect. My Dr. Explained how I was a walking time bomb. I was on 4 blood pressure meds and my blood pressure was in the 160's. my knees and feet hurt from arthritis. I had sleep apnea. I also suffered from depression. My husband realized this was a good option and he gave me my support I made the... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck 18 months after Gastric Bypass

I've lost about 90 pounds in the last 18 months and can't wait to get this sagging skin off! My plastic surgeon indicated the procedure will take 2.5 hours. He is just two years out of medical school and comes highly recommended. Because he's a "newby" the cost including the $600 anestgologist (sp) and $1437 hospital fees is $4600!!! I'm told I won't need a special chair or bed. I will... READ MORE

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I'm about 3 weeks PO and my hips itch and burn any suggestions?

Had a TT Dec 18. Outpatient.  I sleep propped in bed or in a recliner.    I'm still on pain meds - cant take anti inflamitory because I had bypass surgery  READ MORE

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Oh, I so want to hear about arm lift READ COMMENT

Easy I got used to them immediately. Sometimes when biting into something they don't " cut it" like I'd expect. No pain no sensivity. READ COMMENT

Recovery was good. My surgery was June 2011 so I don't recall down time. ( I call myself retired ) READ COMMENT

Keep pillows in your car and place between seatbelt and you... The seatbelt "got" me and the spot took an entire month to heal. READ COMMENT

My TT with lipo was a little over 2 hours. He melted befor removing fat. My PS has only been practicing about 2 years so he is up to date. My other estimate was 4.5 hours. I'm doing great. ... Have small pillows in the car... READ COMMENT