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My nose is way too small now. Rhinoplasty - Albuquerque, NM

Very disapointed with my result due to apparent lack of communication between surgeon and myself. My nose is way too small now. He described what he was going to do but there was serious issues with the image I had after our consultation and my end result. Looking for a revision surgeon now that I can trust I feel my nose was made too small. I hope to fix this soon READ MORE

Questions from noseman

Tightness in Forehead After Reduction Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I had a reduction rhinoplasty 16 months ago. 50% of my nose was removed in my opinion (more than I expected). The "feeling" of this has left me with a nose that makes me... READ MORE

3 years post op Male Rhinoplasty and Too Drastic of a Change to Accept?

Hi, I had male rhinoplasty 3 years ago and initially was very happy with result (until swelling went down and my nose became very small). My nose looks fine to 10 out of 10... READ MORE

Would I Benefit from a Revision Rhinoplasty?

I think my nose is too thin and small for a male nose. Most others think it look fine. My nose was much bigger in the past and now I am stuck with this tiny thing. From a... READ MORE

Do Antidepressants Age You?

I am currently getting on an SSRI treatment. I read online that a plastic surgeon, Dr Bahman Guyuron, did a study on aging identical twins. He found those twins that took anti... READ MORE

What would be the best surgical plan to achieve results for my revision rhinoplasty?

What would be the best surgical plan to achieve results? I have attached 2 pictures. The picture on the left is my current nose. The picture on the right is a picture of when... READ MORE

Should I avoid doctors who over advertise and write fake reviews when choosing my revision rhinoplasty surgeon?

I have found a doctor I like but I feel he is over advertised and I feel his reviews aren't completely true. Should I look past this and still let him operate? Is this just... READ MORE

Is this morph reasonable for Revision Rhinoplasty?

Hi is this morph a reasonable request for a revision rhinoplasty? Please see picture. The left picture is my current nose. The right my morph. It's is slightly higher... READ MORE

Can juvaderm provide permanent fullness to nose through collagen production?

Hi, if I get repeat injections of juvaderm for years in my nose to add slight augmentation/fullness, is there a chance that juvaderm can create enough collagen to add permanent... READ MORE

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Menick is the best in my opinion for complicated cases. READ COMMENT

A local doctor that I met told me not to go to Toriumi cause "he will just put rib in your nose. I think he is great at rebuilding a nose but dont go to him" So its not just patient reviews, sometimes other doctors dont agree with his... READ COMMENT

How do you think his noses differ from this, I'm curious? This seems in line with his photos on his website? Please let me know and I appreciate your opinion READ COMMENT

1 post wonder READ COMMENT

Im not in any camp but I have met him and had friends get operated on by him. As stated above I dont like his tips. Anyways, I have never heard of him abandoning patients after their results but Im picking up on your comments why he... READ COMMENT