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So 3 wks post opand alot of the swelling has gone down !!

So i am going to finally go for it my surgery date is March 4th less than 2 weeks away !!! and i am super sick ... great!! alot of people are telling me i should get a recliner considering im doing a TT, BBl and Arm lift together.... i dunno if thats necessary.... let's see so i am trying to not even think about the surgery considering ive never even had a stitch in my life... not even a... READ MORE

1 week post op - very mixed feelings on where to have the scar placed - Miami, FL

So i have very mixed feelings on where to have the scar placed , alot of dr's are saying that the scar should be in the back because in the front is way too visible but others say in the back you wont see it but everyone else will... Im so confused i would really like to hear where you guys have your scars and if you liked the placing or not .... :) so i am going to finally go for it my... READ MORE

So much better!!! - Miami, FL

I liked his pics but i see no reviews or anything on him ... im kind of scared to go with someone there is no reviews or information on. ive seen a couple of dr's in miami, but im not too sure dr searching is the worst :( Or atleast know of anyone who has gotten a bbl by him?? so i am going to finally go for it my surgery date is March 4th less than 2 weeks away !!! and i am super sick .... READ MORE

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Is It Safe to Combine a Bbl and Inner Thighlift?

Is it safe to combine a bbl and inner thighlift? I dont want to be shortened on quality of any of these procedures i am also worried about the healing and the garments ... READ MORE

I Am 30 Yrs Old and Lost About 130 Ibs and I Have Lose Skin in my Stomach I Want to Get a Bbl (Fat Transfer to Buttocks)?

I am 30 yrs old and lost about 130 ibs and i have lose skin in my stomach i want to get a bbl ( fat transfer to buttocks) ... i know i need a tummy tuck but i have no kids and... READ MORE

I Want to Have a Fat Transfer to the Buttocks I Lost 130 Ibs and I Have Lose Skin I Know I Need a Tuck but? (photo)

I want to have a fat transfer to the buttocks , i lost 130 ibs and i have lose skin, i know i need a tuck but ... i dont want to just yet because i have no kids im already 30... READ MORE

How Soon After a Bbl Can You Sit? What About if You Have a Tt How Do You Sleep?

I am planning on having a bbl, tummytuck , and arm lift all together and some doctors have told me that im going to be able to sleep on a recliner fine because i wont be able... READ MORE

What is the Recovery Protocol on a BBL, TT, with an Arm Lift?

What is the recovery protocol on a BBL, TT, with an arm lift? The ps said it was safe to lie in a recliner since he was placing the fat in the inferior part of my buttocks and... READ MORE

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Does Anyone Have Before & After Pictures then Pictures After They Gave Birth? I Want to Know if a TTgets Ruined After Pregnancy

It would really help to be able to see pictures of a tummytuck then after pregnancy im 30 Years old and i dont have kids. i want a tummytuck but i know. its only so long before... READ MORE

Has anyone here had a tt before havin children?

Im already 30 yrs old and have no children i do want kids but not right now...i lost over 100 ibs and  I want to have a tt but im scared it will be completely undone when... READ MORE

Scar treatment!

I wanted to ask what is everyone using on their scars and how is it working for you guys ? READ MORE

Does anyone have tt picks after getting pregnant ????

Has anyone had a tt abd then gotten pregnant i would like to see what the outcome was... READ MORE

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Thnx... Yea its been a year READ COMMENT

There you go .. updated pics ..if you have any questions email me READ COMMENT

Sure thing... I will update asap READ COMMENT

Thanks...ill post new pics soon... its been 6 months already READ COMMENT

Good luck ;) READ COMMENT