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my experience

I had bilateral breast reconstuction 2 years ago. The results are very unsatisfactory. I find it hard to explain what happened but I have lost elasticity in the arm pit area and the implants are moving down I am having dicomfort in the chest area mostly feel tight but the implants appear to be soft. I am 55 years old and feel that I was not a good candidate for this surgery as I am or was... READ MORE

Questions from Laurel

Muscle Repair After Breast Reconstruction

I had bilateral Breast reconstruction 2 years ago. The results are very unsatisfactory. I find it hard to explain what happened, but I have lost elasticity in the arm pit area... READ MORE

Avoiding Complications from Breast Reconstruction?

What can I do to improve the overall appearance and possible complications? READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Expanders Removal and Replacement?

How long are Breast reconstruction expanders left in after the last fill? I had my expanders removed and replaced at approximately 6 weeks. From what I have heard it seems that... READ MORE

Scar Tissue in Chest Wall After Breast Reconstruction?

Is it possible to have a painful chest wall scar tissue after Breast reconstruction with implants? I am 2 years post-op and continue to have pain after the implants were placed... READ MORE

Breast Implant Slipped from Under Muscle

I recently saw a PS and he said that my implant had slipped from under the muscle. when i flex there is a deep wrinkle. He said that i could have revision or leave it as ilt is... READ MORE

Slipped Implants 5 Years After Breast Reconstruction

My implants slipped..I am not sure if the internal stitches tore? Now for a number of years the implant is definately slouched down in the pocket. Both my arms from armpit to... READ MORE

What is Nerve Damage and What Does It Look Like?

I have loose and pitted skin down my arms.I am starting to feel weak in the muscles under my arms. This has happened since my breast reconstruction. also my trunk seems to be... READ MORE

Implant Removal After Reconstruction

I am in the process of deciding to remove my breast implants after reconstruction. I had extreme tightness for more than four years. I still get tightness it is especialy... READ MORE

Lymphedema and Breast Reconstruction

Painful Breast Reconstruction I have LE in both arms I also have truncal LE. I have made the very hard decision to have my implants removed I have thought long and hard and... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Implant Revision - More Expansion Needed?

I saw a plastic surgeon because I am having pressure and pain across my chest. I have a 250 cc implant. He told me that my current implant is way too small for my body. There... READ MORE

Could Chiropractic Work Have Damaged Implants For Breast Reconstruction?

I had many Chiro adjustments about 1 year after my breast reconstruction. I was wondering if the could cause the implants to be damaged? The adjustments involved laying on... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to Start From Square 1 When Changing Implant Type For a Breast Reconstruction Revision?

When doing a revision for implant reconstruction do you have to start over from square one ie if the implant is going to be larger and or a different shape i.e. from round to... READ MORE

Discussions started by Laurel

Smoking and Breast Reconstruction

If any of the ladies here read this I have to day that if you smoke do not under any circumstances smoke before having any kind of reconstructive surgery. I have had serious... READ MORE

Recent comments from Laurel

So very true! I have meet women who are not really aware of the type of Breast Cancer they have. There are so many different kinds it is mind boggling. READ COMMENT

I am so sorry to hear about the problems you are having...I hope your surgeon will address the problems. I always say a stiich in time saves nine. My PS was not concerned I guess mostly because my implant was not exposed. I was ignored... READ COMMENT

Please be very careful not to over so it. I drove too soon after my surgery approx 1 week and I had my implant drop. Lot arm movement especially over you head too soon could cause problems please get specific instructions from your PS READ COMMENT

Depending on your surgeon...Please DO NOT over do it you will pay later for it. Driving to soon is a big no no as it could tear internal stitches. I had one implant slip as a result. Hopefully your PS will give specific instructions on... READ COMMENT

So sorry to hear that your reconstruction experience was so bad. I know that it is hard I do have implants but the reconstruction is not very good. I wish you well I hope that there will be some more support for you here. Hugs Laura READ COMMENT