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What Does Scalp Expansion Surgery Involve? (photo)

I had a skin graft operation back in 2012 on my scalp. My surgeon said that I could get the size of the graft reduced to allow more hair. I did a bit of research, and the... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Reduce the Size of a Scalp Skin Graft? (photo)

Is there a surgery available to reduce the size of a skin graft on my scalp? I've attached a picture. I'm a young adult, and am very self-conscious about having a bald spot. My... READ MORE

Should I Go Get This Mole Checked Out? (photo)

This mole (picture attached) just appeared yesterday on my arm. It was crusty, and it doesn't look like any of my other moles. It has a white spot in the middle of it. I'm... READ MORE

Lump Where Skin Graft Was Taken for Surgery?

I had a graft taken from my leg in 2012 for skin cancer reconstruction surgery. The scar is healing well, but now there's a lump on the line of the scar. It's hard and immobile... READ MORE

What sort of preoperative testing will I need before having reconstructive surgery?

I am planning on having a tissue expansion surgery done this summer for reconstructing the scar left on my head after previous surgeries for soft tissue sarcoma on my scalp.... READ MORE

Why is my skin graft so itchy? (Photo)

I had a skin graft operation on my head in 2012, and it still itches like crazy every single day. Why is that? The skin graft was done after surgery for cancer. I am having a... READ MORE

Is it possible to cut out a lump of scar tissue?

I have a lump of scar tissue from surgery on my head. It's pressing against a nerve and causing a lot of pain. I've tried ice, tylenol, massage, and a procedure called... READ MORE

Could this mole be cancer? (Photos)

I have this mole on my arm. It's been there for a couple of years, but the color has been changing recently. It has two shades of brown in it. I'm especially concerned because... READ MORE