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Well Said!! Hmmm, then again, I don't think you will be getting that referral from any PS I know of!! Sadly, my PS did not understand why I didn't want to re-implant, and at my followup after explant was surprised that I actually had... READ COMMENT

Simply Lovely! :) Mine, too are coming along. Just popped a stitch, so the sore, red bump on my areola should start to heal... It was yucky! But I knew what was up from the last lift (and BA). At least it was only one this time, last~... READ COMMENT

I think you hit the nail on the head, BHard! I went back to the PS that implanted (not many options where I live and frankly wasn't sure I wanted to go through the process again) however, when I told him I was still unhappy after a year... READ COMMENT

I am currently out of the country on a scuba diving vacation so can't really chat! I am loving my perky B's and still am thrilled at my outcome! When I get back into the US I will write more (a week from now)... :) until then, know that... READ COMMENT

I don't know where my comment went... :( sent from my Ipad, guess it didn't like it!! I am happy for you that you finally showed him! I have let my husband see mine, but still felt uncomfortable until the other day when he said "I... READ COMMENT