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and Tip Work- Was It Worth It?

Like any other asian girl, i was born with a very flat nose and wide nostrils and i have always been self conscious about it. i remember an incident where my mum were reminiscing and told me a story where i asked her to buy me a new nose in the market, i was just 4 years old. However not being self loved or anything, but its safe to say i was not ugly and attractive and i just wanted to... READ MORE

Questions from Juavez

Hanging Columella After Rhinoplasty 4 Weeks? (Photo)

I did my rhinoplasty exactly 4 weeks ago and i am very unsatisfied. My original nose is flat, therefore goretex implant was use to heightened the bridge. I also did tip... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Swelling 1 Month Post? (photo)

I had tip refinement and goretex implant. After my surgery i had abnormal swelling to the point i looked nothing like myself. The question is is it normal or is my result... READ MORE

Scar Tissue (Pollybreak)? (photo)

During my rhinoplasty, the surgeon told me that i had excess bleeding. Could that be the reason why i am experiencing abnormal swelling. I have attached pictures to show you. I... READ MORE

Tip As Hard As Rock?

Hi. My tip is as hard as rock and when i asked my surgeon he said its due to the many layers of cartilage all fused together. What does that mean? Is it going to ever go soft... READ MORE

Removal of Implant?

I am one and half month post op, and i would like to remove my implant. I do not like the shape and the height and i know that would not swell down and change, only definition... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty?

Hi doc, i had my primary rhinoplasty two months ago. The question that im meaning to ask is it possible to do revision rhinoplasty for my implant at this stage. Currently my... READ MORE

Removing Implant 2 Months Post Rhinoplasty?

Hi doc, Its 2 months past 2 weeks after rhinoplasty and i really still do not like the shape. The doctor reassured me that this is swelling and i trust him. However what i wish... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Hanging Columella and Round Tip? (Photo)

I have searched everywhere with other people experience withswelling however i find that only i have the round hanging collumella/tip? Why is that so? Is it really swelling... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty at 5 M Too Soon? However Feeling So Depressed. Will the Risk Outweigh Benefit?

I am 3.5 m after primary surgery. Experience is unsatisfactory. After consulting for secod opinion w two doctor confirmed that the droopy round tip is cartilage not swelling... READ MORE

Preparation for Rhinoplasty?

I will have my revision rhinoplasty in two and half weeks. Doctor suggested taking bromelein two weeks before and after surgery. However i also read bromelein could increase... READ MORE

Red Bruise After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi dr, it has been 9 days after my rhinoplasty. All other bruises seems to change colour to green/yellow but except one area just in the middle of top nose is still red and not... READ MORE

Notched Nostril, One is More Visible than the Other? (photo)

Hi dr, I had revision for a month now. It seem that i have notched nostril, one is much more visible than another. Could it get better in time? Thank you READ MORE

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How long did you wait for revision after first primary? :) READ COMMENT

Hey how long after your first primary did you have revision? Im thinking to go at 5 m but same like you so many things running through my mind READ COMMENT

Was the swelling resolve faster when you had the implant removed? Have you gone to another doctor for second opinion? Excess scar tissue? However since you said your swelling is still fluctuating at times then i guess not. All the... READ COMMENT

Hi angela. How have you been? Well its 3 m post op and i am sure now that i do not like it. Im going to remove it on the 19th. When did your swelling resolve after you remove the goretex? Is your tip still hard after 6 m upon removal?... READ COMMENT

Hi sammie, Im 6 weeks post op and definitely going through a state of depression. You are totally right, i hate it that my bridge is way too tall and thin. It just did not fit my face. My tip is also swelling so much and too far away... READ COMMENT