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Can laser correct a spot where the doctor shot in juvaderm in nasal area and left an imprint of the needle? Still when I smile I see the needle line. I need this dissipated . READ COMMENT

I would take her to court. And add pain and suffering. Before two years. When they botch up they should be responsible and correct at their cost READ COMMENT

Their all nice guys until they screw up. They wouid fix if it was their family or son or daughter and you paid him. Nice guy doesn't cut it. It's your face. Sue him and go elsewhere READ COMMENT

Once a lawyer who my husband used suggested I say that I am going to put in every publication; Philly magazine, etc. before and after pictures . He said i was blackmailing him or threatening or whatever. Can't remember exact words. I... READ COMMENT

I'm in philadphia and would like to find a doctor to fix this. Help. Will travel within reason READ COMMENT