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Confused After Breast Lift?

I had a bl with fg and TT with mr 6 weeks ago. My md never put bandages on my incisions, nor wanted me to wear a surgical bra, just a Warner wireless bra so that compression... READ MORE

Endermologie After TT?

I had a TT 15 weeks ago and am doing endermologie for a variety of reasons. Today she bumped it a notch on my abs. It was felt a bit painful with a lot of pulling. A few hours... READ MORE

Belly Button Scar?

Hi. I am 6 months post full tt with muscle repair. I never had any scar around my belly button, just scabs inside that loosened up and came out. My ps used the Saldanha... READ MORE

When will extreme swelling (from BBL) in buttocks go down so I feel comfortable leaving the house?

Hi! I had a bbl performed five days ago. The lipo sites are doing fine, but my bottom is so huge that I'm embarrassed to leave the house. I only had 200 ccs in each side, so I... READ MORE

Is this normal bruising or the beginning of necrosis from bbl? (Photo)

Hi, I am 8 days post-op from bbl. My bum is extremely swollen but incrementally improving. I have an appttmt with md in three days, but as it's the start of the weekend I... READ MORE

Can I sit if leaning forward in back of my thighs after Brazilian Butt Lift?

My MD only put the fat into the upper quadrant of my buttocks and hips, and only about 290 ccs each side. He says i can sit if I lean forwards since the fat is much higher and... READ MORE

Are a few squats ok after bbl?

I am three weeks out from bbl. I started back with my personal trainer today and I did a few squats. I am working out with him twice a week, lightly, to get my blood pumping... READ MORE

New wrinkles from Botox

I got 10 units Of Botox to horizontal lines in forehead today. Before, I had a perfectly smooth forehead but I did it so my expressions would be less exaggerated (dont like... READ MORE

Killed fat graft after endermologie, 7 weeks post BBL?

I am doing endermologie to aid contouring to lipo'd areas post bbl.We have been avoiding my fat grafted bottom, but today while going over lower back I noticed too late that... READ MORE

Did ECP kill Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had bbl done 14 weeks ago with good but subtle results. Yesterday I did a 30 minute external counter pulsation treatment for cardio benefits. It was squeezing my hips and... READ MORE

Can Skinpen cause stretch marks? I have them now where there were none. Scared!

I recently did my 6th Skinpen treatment. My skin was good but wanted one more for good measure. She went aggressively this time and I was very red and inflamed. Now 6 days... READ MORE

Redness surrounding mature scar 3 years later. What can I do to get rid of it?

I had a TT 3 years ago and the scar itself is very thin, flat, and white. The skin surrounding it, however, is quite red which causes the whole scar to be extremely apparent... READ MORE

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Sorry/ the boppy on top to soften it. I really don't understand how you aren't supposed to sit for so many weeks, and my md said its ok to sit on thighs. READ COMMENT

I got both. It's good because it lifts u up high off the seat cause it's so hard. But it makes my thighs sore so I place the nippy on top READ COMMENT