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Doctor's Just Wondering How Attractive Do You Think This Nose is in the Picture?

I have a facial structure similar to this and a nose similar to his (shemar moore) in volume and shape. I was wondering how well does it fit his face? Is it considered a... READ MORE

Doctors, Just Wondering What is the Maximum Reduction That a Surgeon Can Do on the Nasal Bone?

In terms of reducing the width of the nose and also trying to give it a more "fine" appearance READ MORE

Can a Maxilar/alveolar Prognathism Be Reversed?

I recently suffered a hyperpituitary disorder and it caused alot of unusual growth on my face. One of them is that the top of the mouth has begun to project out a bit and its... READ MORE

Can I Request to Have a Craniotomy Done to Reshape my Skull?

I recently suffered from a hyperpituitary disorder which caused excess release of Growth hormone which deformed my skull and made it grow into an unusual shape. I am only 20... READ MORE

Is There Anyway of Thinning the Skin of the Face?

I recently suffered a hyperpituitary gland disorder which caused excess release of growth hormone and estrogen into the system. this caused my skin to get very thick. is there... READ MORE

What is the Maximum Improvement One Can Expect from a Forehead Reduction if One Suffered Acromegaly?

I suffered from a GH disorder similar to acromegaly and it caused my forehead and its cranial table to thicken abnormally. What is the maxmimum improvement one can expect from... READ MORE

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What Are Some Drugs/herbs/creams That Can Thin out Extremely Thick/coarse Skin?

My skin has become very thick. Some of it is fluid retention, some extra fat, some of it is loose connective tissue but I think the epidermis has also thickened because my... READ MORE