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Revision Rhinoplasty Dr. Buckspan - Austin, TX

8/9/2016 First of all let me say that Priscilla (one of my favorite nurses at Personique) & Dr. Buckspan were very kind during my visit. This is my second experience with Dr. Buckspan (this one was for a revision rhinoplasty). Dr. Buckspan was polite and accessible during my visits but unfortunately because of my overall experience I doubt I will be returning again. I had three major... READ MORE

Dr. Eric Schaffer Saline breast implants

I'm currently looking for the best doctor to see for silicone implants. I have my mind set on silicone implants because I am petite, 108 and I read that silicone implants are best for small framed patients. I also am concern about the feel (I want the most natural feel I can get) and I know saline feel pretty hard... at least that's what I have heard from other people. I'm naturally a small... READ MORE

Austin Rhinoplasty - Austin, TX

Ever since I hit puberty my nose has been an issue. It has been something that has caused me a lot of emotional stress. The first time I was teased about its size was in 5th grade: I was waiting in line for my lunch and a student sitting across the cafeteria made a loud awful comment about my nose and all of his friends began to laugh. Since then I have been repeatedly teased about it at work... READ MORE

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*has not disappointed READ COMMENT

I completely understand what you're saying Wuffy... However, I feel like it would be too soon to discuss finances right now (it has only been 2 months). Of course I hope (crosses fingers) he doesn't go back on his word. It wouldn't say... READ COMMENT

*& to continue the massages too READ COMMENT

Thank you for your input Wuffy. I hope that is the case too. Although, even if it is not due to bottoming out and this continues to be the "look" of my breasts by the end of the 6 months I would still like to have a revision to have... READ COMMENT