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Austin Rhinoplasty - Austin, TX

Ever since I hit puberty my nose has been an issue. It has been something that has caused me a lot of emotional stress. The first time I was teased about its size was in 5th grade: I was waiting in line for my lunch and a student sitting across the cafeteria made a loud awful comment about my... READ MORE

Silicone 450cc - San Antonio, TX

I'm currently looking for the best doctor to see for silicone implants. I have my mind set on silicone implants because I am petite, 108 and I read that silicone implants are best for small framed patients. I also am concern about the feel (I want the most natural feel I can get) and I know... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Dr. Buckspan - Austin, TX

8/9/2016 First of all let me say that Priscilla (one of my favorite nurses at Personique) & Dr. Buckspan were very kind during my visit. This is my second experience with Dr. Buckspan (this one was for a revision rhinoplasty). Dr. Buckspan was polite and accessible during my visits but... READ MORE

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Woo! New update!!:D they look amazing girlie, and I can see how they're dropping. Specially through the side view, wow amazing work by Mr. Lawton READ COMMENT


Just wanted to say, you already have a beautiful body. You're breast have beautiful form. A breast augmentation will only enhance that so much more. I'm sure they'll come out gorgeous no matter what. READ COMMENT

Oh wow, Thanks for letting me know, I can't wait to hear all about:) I'll certainly be following your updates. READ COMMENT

The size is the hardest thing to decide on, I'm still not sure what size I'm going for. I keep vacillating between 450 and 500. I will post before and after pics once I set up the surgery date. Do you know what size you want? READ COMMENT