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Is It Possible to Repair Volume in the Buccal Fat Area?

I'm not 30 years old and I would to like fresh and younger, at about 25 years old, my lower and upper cheeks were fuller. I did not have any circles under my eyes. Is it... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change the Facial Contour?

Hi I'm currently in my early thirties I'm bothered with my facial contour. My face looks long,my cheekbones stick out and the curve on my mandible sit very low. When I look in... READ MORE

Naso Labial Fold Worse After Smile Distractor?

3 months ago I had a smile distractor, they cut my two upper jaws loose and put a steal bar and slowly distracted. Directly after the operation, I had major bleeding in... READ MORE

Can I Restore my Youthful Look Again? Firm Skin, Higher/Wider Cheekbones, Sagging Cheeks? (photo)

Is it possible to restore the look I had when I was younger (left side). The right side of the picture is me now, I'm a little overweight now, but I started a strict diet to... READ MORE