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Hummmm... a week after my surgery, I had sharp shooting pain in my right arm (well from my armpit to down to my bicep). I'm not sure what kind of pain you are having, but I looked up what I was feeling and it was called "Mondor's Cord."... READ COMMENT

I went to Dr. Farrari. Great Doctor, FANTASTIC staff! They are so nice and caring. I had my surgery about a month ago and things are going great! You are in good hands. Good luck! READ COMMENT

Hey, I got mine done the same day as you. I know your feelings about sleeping on your back, morning soreness and the grueling waiting period for them to drop. Everything is going well and I can tell that the soreness is getting less... READ COMMENT

It went well, they said I did really good! Congratulations to us!!!! READ COMMENT

Good Luck Today! I am going to have my surgery at 11AM today and I am SOOOOOOO nervous! But, at the end of the day, I know we'll both be happy! READ COMMENT