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Eye Smaller and Different Shape when I Smile After Botox? (photo)

The dr gave me 49 units on masetter muscle and my eyes is swelling uptil now which is the second week. Whenever I smile or smile big my left eye is off shape and smaller.and... READ MORE

Could a Enlarge Jaw on One Side Be Because of Me Removing Brace Too Early and Not Putting Retainer?

Can brace fix it? My family doesn't agree with jaw surgery because it's risky. But they want me to remove my wisdom teeth and do brace because that'll probably make the jaw... READ MORE

How Bad is my Asymmetry? (photo)

Pls check. My mom didn't allow me to do invasive procedures like jaw surgery my muscle is bigger on the left side READ MORE

How Come I'm Not Seeing Any Reduction in Jaw Botox? (photo)

Is it not the muscle that appears larger than the right jaw? Should I chew on the other side? READ MORE

Droopy Eyelid when I Smile After Jaw Botox?

When I try to press and raise my upper eye there is like something lose something in my eye separates and the other eye I didn't get botox don't have lose muscle in top of eye... READ MORE

How Many Times Jaw Botox to Make It Permanent?

I want to make it permanent or come back longer READ MORE

Eyelid Droop After Jaw Botox, when is the Right Time to Do Botox Agaiin?

How many months should I wait before I get injected again? Is it bad to do botox again while I have eyelid droop READ MORE

Can Impacted Wisdom Teeth Be the Cause of my Lower Jaw Swelling? I Did a Panoramic Xray and the Lower Wisdom Teeth is Still Bone

Can impacted wisdom teeth be the cause of my lower jaw swelling? I did a panoramic xray and the lower wisdom teeth is still bone READ MORE

Becoming Asymmetrical As I Get Older I Dont Have It Before, Why?

Eye droop when tired, left cheek bigger and mouth slanted. Im 24 y/o READ MORE